Saturday October 29, 2016

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 FBI re-opens Clinton email investigation Click Here for Details and Video

The Weiner Connection

   Investigation into Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal leads back to Abedin and Clinton Click Here for Story

U of M at MSU Guide

What you need to know about the big Michigan Mash Up! Click Here for Story

Guess Whose Pleading the 5th Now

Loretta Lynch  AG Loretta Lynch is refusing to testify about Iran payments Click Here for Details

Megyn Leaving Fox?

As ratings drop and fans turn against her is Megyn Kelly preparing for a new liberal job? Click Here for Story

Uh Oh

New Ad Shows Hypocrisy of FLOTUS Campaigning for Hillary CLick Here for Story and Video

Sanctuary Cities Look to Have Illegals Vote?

1465386217_160608_polling_place_voting_bn San Francisco and other cities want non-citizens to vote Click Here for Story

Clinton Controlled by Soros?

More Wikileaks show Clinton aides were working to keep George Soros happy Click Here for Details

Dead Voters in Chicago

The dead do vote…Click Here for Story    and in Philadelphia Click Here for Details and Video

Vote Flipping Isn’t Just in Texas

Maryland seeing vote flipping as well Click Here for Story and Video


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