Sunday October 30, 2016

DOJ Disapproved of FBI Re-Opening

Bucking the corrpution the FBI went ahead with Hillary investigation? Click Here for Story

Monday Morning Joe

Image source: YouTubeNow Biden says he could have beat Hillary? Click Here for Story

Michigan Wins Intrastate Rivalry

Defeat MSU snapping losing streak to them Click Here for Details

An Opportunity to Improve School Funding Equity?

    A resolution pushing back on proposed new federal guidelines for education funding received broad bipartisan support this week in Lansing. … more

Comey Dropped the Ball

Latest revelations show FBI Director screwed up roayally Click Here for Details

Hillary Crying the Blues

After getting off the hook once her dirfty deeds are catching up with her Click Here for Story and Video

Assange Promises More for Hillary

With a week left is WIkileaks hanging onto Hillary emails for last ? Click Here for Details and Video

Whats the Extent of Weiner Hillary Connection?

Tens of thousands of emails belonging to Huma found Click Here for Story


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