Sunday November 27, 2016

Stein is Clinton Recount Proxy ?

The campaign's lawyers and data analysts will participate in a Wisconsin recount launched by Jill Stein. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)Green Party has no reason to recount but to try and do it for Clinton camp Click Here for Story

Michigan GOP Wants Recount Help

michigan-gop-recallFears of fraud and ballot stuffing by Democrats has Michigan’s GOP asking for volunteers Click Here for Details

U of M Loses to Ohio

Tough loss in over time for Wolverines Click Here for Story


Fidel Castro Dies

Fidel Castro dies at 90 Cuban Dictator finally expires at 90 years of age Click Here for Details

Calling Out Kaepernick

‘Kaepernick weeps for his idol’: Mike Huckabee roasts NFL QB Colin Kaepernick over Castro deathSocially retarded quarterback gets slammed by Governor Huckabee for Pro-Castro comments? Click Here for Details

Death Threats from the Left

Final electoral map shows Michigan in Trump's fold but Clinton supporters have been sending threatening emails to the state's 16 electors, trying to get them to change their allegiance to their candidate.Electoral College voters are being threatened and harassed Click Here for Story

Cubans in Miami Celebrate…

  Death of Castro well received by Cubans who were forced to leave Click Here for Details

California Bankruptcy?

Welcome to California (Tony Hisgett / Flickr / CC / Cropped)Would Trump withold funds from a “Sanctuary California” ? Click Here for Story

Jill Stein: Another Out of Touch Elite

Dr. Jill SteinLauds vicious murdering Castro as a symbol of justice? Click Here for Details

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