Wednesday November 30, 2016

How to Replace Obamacare

  Trump’s HHS pick has plans Click Here for Details and Video

Fast Food Protests in Detroit

protester arrest.PNG  39 arrested for higher wage protests Click Here for Details

  Last week President-elect Donald Trump named Michigan philanthropist Betsy DeVos as his choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. And the attacks began. … more

Tennessee Wildfires Continue

Little hope of help from rain Click Here for Story

ISIS Claims OSU Attack

Calls attacker their soldier Click Here for Details

Dems Call Recount a Waste of Time

Clinton backed Jill Stein recount is annoying many Democrats Click Here for Details

Germany is Lost

sharia-policeGerman Court sides with “Sharia Patrols” Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Can blood test foretell death? Click Here for Story and Video

Oh Boo Hoo

Dem Senator regrets that the Dems changed nominating rules now that the show is on the other foot Click Here for Details and Video



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