Wednesday January 4, 2017

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What Were They Thinking?

Image result for paul ryan and gop house  From a perception standpoint were  House GOP off base talking about eliminating the House Ethics committee? Click Here for Story

Dems Have Michigan Contender for 2018 Governor Race

Image result for gretchen whitmer michigan  Gretchen Witmore officially announces Click Here for Story

Court Rules in Favor of Mackinac Center Clients

Four years after Michigan’s right-to-work law passed, teachers in the Taylor School District are finally free to choose whether or not they wish to be part of a union. … more

U-M Prof Hints Scholars Down On School Choice, But Twice As Many Optimistic

A University of Michigan professor is being accused of mischaracterizing the results of a 2011 survey of scholars’ views on allowing students a choice in education through private school vouchers or charter schools. … more

Ford Reverses on Mexico Plant

Image result for ford logo  Great move for Ford and its US workers Click Here for Story

Hindsight Leads to Regrets

Image result for chuck schumer  Senator Chuck Schumer regrets using Nuclear option when Dems were in control Click Here for Detail

More Doubts About Russian Hacking

Image result for russian hacking  Tech company throws water on allegations Click Here for Story and Video

Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox

Will head to NBC News Click Here for Details

Gingrich’s Fear

Will Trump Team lose their nerve on making the needed changes? Click Here for Story and Video

Saving the 2nd

Image result for 2nd amendment  Trump’s SCOTUS appointment could save the 2nd amendment from liberal progressives who have been chewing away at it Click Here for Details

Riots at Italian Refugee Camp

Staff held hostage Click Here for Story

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