Sunday January 15, 2017

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Let the Racebaiting Begin

'We will not be Trumped': Sharpton calls for protests against Sessions Al Sharpton leads anti-Trump protests as inauguration nears Click Here for Story

Detroit Auto Show Opens to Public

5 cars you may want Click Here for Story

Lansing School District Ignores Law Requiring Teacher Merit Pay

  The Lansing School District does not have a merit pay system to reward top teachers despite a seven-year-old law that requires extra compensation for good performance. … more

CNN Surprise?

Watch: CNN host blasts the hypocrisy of Democratic Rep. John Lewis calling Trump ‘illegitimate’ Liberal Anchor Anderson Cooper hits Dems as hypocrites Click Here for Story and Video

Trump’s Surprise Pick for the VA

Trump’s surprise VA pick known as turnaround artistAlleged turn around artist already works at the Veteran’s Administration Click Here for Details

EU Warns Trump

Tells Trump Admin not to support Brexit? Click Here for Story and Video

Thiel for Governor?

170114-Peter-Thiel-GettyImages-619462970.jpg Silicon Valley giant could run for California Governor? Click Here for Story

Sore Losers

Liberals plan major disruptions of Inauguration and Events Click Here for Details

Health Insurance IS NOT Healthcare

A lesson that the GOP needs to take away from Obamacare Click Here for Story

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