Wednesday January 25, 2017

Why the Democrats are Failing

White DNC chair candidate: My job will be to ‘shut other white people down’White DNC Chair shows her own brand of racism Click Here for Story

Not Reliable?

  Secret Service Agent says she would take a bullet for Trump? Click Here for Details and Video

Headphones Can Be Dangerous

Train pedestrian accident may have been because of headphones? Click Here for Story

Ford CEO Sees Manufacturing Renaissance

Mark FieldsCEO of Ford excited about Trump moves for American manufacturing Click Here for Details

An Ostrich for Speaker?

Speaker Ryan says no evidence of mass illegal voter fraud? Click Here for Story

And Yet Paul Ryan Ignores This…

Illegals admit voting Click Here for Details

Pipelines Back On?

Trump may be green lighting the DAPL and Keystone pipelines Click Here for Story and Video

Courts Trying to Stop Brexit?

Britain's Attorney General, Jeremy Wright, speaks outside the Supreme Court UK Supreme Court says Parliament must vote the people’s vote doesn’t count? Click Here for Details

Scalia’s Replacement?

Colorado judge seems to be first choice for SCOTUS Click Here for Story and Video

Mosque Silence = Complicity

 New Director of CIA says Mosques that don’t speak up about terrorism in their ranks are complicit Click Here for Story

Trump Approval Rating Jumping

Trumps Walking Getty Now at 57% since inauguration Click Here for Details

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