Thursday January 26, 2017

State Dept Stops Palestinian Funds

Donald Trump and the Economist (Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press)Obama’s last minute cash deal to Palestinian gets stopped by State Department Click Here for Story

Build That Wall

Trump signs Executive order to get southern border wall started Click Here for Story and Video

Ann Arbor Schools: First There Is No Teacher Merit Pay, Then There Is

  A spokesman for Ann Arbor Public Schools says that even though the district has no documents establishing a teacher merit pay system as required by state law, effective teachers there are still rewarded. … more

Pay for Wall With This?

Most money sent back to Mexico is earned by undocumented workers Click Here for Story

The Hypocrisy of ‘Public’ Education Rhetoric

  Across the nation, 34 colleges with “Bible” in their name, 21 seminaries, 18 rabbinical institutions and many other faith-based colleges or universities received federal funding in 2014-15.  … more

About Those Illegal Votes

Presumed source of Trump’s election-fraud data says he might publish names of illegal voters online Will Jump Vote publish the names of alleged illegal voters? Click Here for Story

Rand Paul’s Replacement Plan

Rand Paul unveils ObamaCare replacement   Senator Paul unveils his plan to replace Obamacare Click Here for Details and Video

Will Trump Start a Voter Fraud Investigation?

Trump doubles down on alleged massive voter fraud in US elections by illegals Click Here for Story

UN Will Feel the Wrath?

   Trump and Congress may take aim at funding for UN over anti-Israeli resolution Click Here for Details

Border Patrol Gives Trump Thumbs Up

Arizona border 2Trump exec actions are giving them the tools needed to do their job Click Here for Story

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