Sunday January 29, 2017

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Not a Muslim Ban

A White House official praised those involved in implementing Trump's executive order. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)Executive order is location focused not religiously focused Click Here for Story

Your Tax Money At Work

Ann Arbor crews sterilizing deer? Click Here for Details

What Happens When the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Ends?

 In April 2019, the administrator for the state’s economic development programs, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, will officially close. … more

Pro-Life March Not Getting Proper Coverage

  On heels of super covered Woman’s March the pro-life movement gets dissed Click Here for Details

Federal Park Staffers Defy Presidential Order, Tweet Climate Change Warnings

  A national park used Twitter to warn people about the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But some scientists say that can be a good thing. … more

Trump Putin Call

President Trump has his first phone call with Vladimir Putin Click Here for Story

Gabbard Speaks Out on Syrian Trip

Gets grief from Capitol Hill Click Here for Story

Zuckerberg Wants His Cheap Labor

zuckerbergCriticizes Trump immigration moves and wants door open to cheap labor for him and his wealthy friends Click Here for Details

Closing the Door

Extreme Vetting and halting refugees begins Click Here for Story

Max Keiser: ‘Wolf Blitzer should blow his brains out live on CNN’

Soros Working Against Trump and US Interests

Financing anti-American groups and lawsuits against Trump Admin decisions Click Here for Story

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