Tuesday January 31, 2017

Americans Support Travel Ban

57% of Americans agree with Trump tightening of immigration and vetting Click Here for Story

White House Not Worried

Trump Admin is confident EO on travel will hold up in court Click Here for Details

Lack of Diversity at U of M?

SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor says lack of blacks at U of M is a problem? Click Here for Story

Public School Union Members Protest Their Own Union

  The Taylor Public Schools support staff members went to Lansing to conduct a protest against their own union recently. … more

What This Russian College Student Thinks About Bernie Sanders

  One of the most surprising developments from last year’s presidential campaign was the reach enjoyed by Bernie Sanders, a candidate who unabashedly championed socialism as a solution to the country’s economic ills. … more

Obstructionists Should Be Nuked?

Senate Dems say they will filibuster Trump’s SCOTUS nominee no matter who it isDems will filibuster any Trump nominee, time for McConnel to go nuclear with picks? Click Here for Details

Trump Ban Same As Obama’s

Libs and media are complete hypocrites on Trump travel ban Click Here for Story and Video

The Ultimate Twofer!

President Trump signs EO calling for elimination of 2 regulations for every new regulation made Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Ban is Soft Compared to Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Bans

NO non-Muslims allowed in Mecca Click Here for Details

Trump to Name SCOTUS Pick Tuesday

8 pm announcement from the White House Click Here for Story

Iran Conducts Another Missile Test

Missile firing violates another UN resolution Click Here for Details and Video

Media NOT Reporting Facts on Travel Ban

   Intentional hyping by media and the left Click Here for Story



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