Wednesday February 1, 2017

SCOTUS Nominee

Image result for neil gorsuch  President picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Game Playing

Dems pulling out all stops to stifle Trump nominations Click Here for Details

Harbaugh Puts Top Class Together?

Could be a great year for U of M football Click Here for Story

Michigan Environmental Office Repeatedly Stonewalls Record Requests

   It took months for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to respond to a state representative’s Freedom of Information Act request related to the Flint water crisis. … more

Michigan Forfeiture Laws Improving, But State Transparency Still Falls Behind

   Though Michigan has made reforms to its practice of civil asset forfeiture, a public interest law firm says that the state should make further changes. … more

Spicer on Offense

Spicer grills NBC reporter: ‘You have been part of the confusion’The President’s Press Secretary isn’t playing by the normal rules Click Here for Details and Video

“You’re Fired!” Trump Fires Obama Holdover Interim AG

Democrats of course NOT happy Click Here for Details and Video

Paris Devolving Under Weight of Violent Migrants

North African immigrants threatening other immigrant businesses and tourists Click Here for Story

Cashing In

Apple has record quarter Click Here for Details and Video

Not A Ban Says Secretary Kelly

 Just a temporary pause in immigration says DHS Secretary Click Here for Story and Video

Some Muslims Welcome Trump Immigration Order

Order will help stop radical Islam Click Here for Details and Video

Chris Kyle’s Iraqi Interpreter Supports Trump

Trump is trying to keep us safe Click Here for Story

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