Saturday February 25, 2017

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Press Under Fire

President hits fake news media again in CPAC speech Click Here for Details

Anti-Trump Propaganda at Downriver School

antitrumpschool  A Trenton middle school art teacher under fire for exposing her anti-Trump views to students Click Here for Story and talk about it on The Drift Radio Show at 2pm Saturday on WAAM Talk 1600

Back to The Past?

Coleman Young II will run for Mayor of Detroit Click Here for Story

These 20 Republicans Voted ‘Yes’ On Giving $1.8 Billion To Big Developers

   Around the same time a Republican majority in the Michigan state House failed to pass a 0.2 percent income tax cut, all but six Republicans in the Michigan Senate voted to give $1.8 billion taxpayer dollars to a handful of developers over the next 20 years.  … more

Another Bad Teacher Story

Muslim preschool teacher fired after her ‘kill some Jews!’ tweet surfacesMuslim pre-school teacher fired for her terrible anti-semitic tweet Click Here for Story

Future of DNC at Stake

Schumer endorses controversial Muslim Congressman for DNC chair and Howard  Dean says that’s the kiss of death? Click Here for Story and Video

US is Now an Oil Exporter

Record exports now happening Click Here for Details

From the Absurdity File

Yes we can? Petition launched for Obama 2017 French presidential campaign Petition in France to make Barack Obama the next French President? Click Here for Story

Government Unions Look for Respect

EPA employee union looks to rally employees Click Here for Details

Press Angry at Being Excluded

Press gaggle omits CNN, NYT, Buzzfeed, Politico and some other from briefing Click Here for Story

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