Friday March 10, 2017


Healthcare Replacement In


Senator Cotton says its best to start over Click Here for Story

Is  U of M Uncooperative on Emails?

schlisselum.JPGLawsuit says yes Click Here for Details

Having Police on Foot Patrols Benefits Communities, Experts Say

  Trust between law enforcement and the communities they police seems to be strained. But why is this happening and what can be done about it? … more

Michigan Education Association Losing Members, Increasing Debt

  The Michigan Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union and second-largest union in the state, is listed by one union watcher as one of the most financially precarious across the nation. … more

Illegals Hurting Schools

Teacher: Deport illegal immigrants so schools can ‘better serve American citizen students’ Having illegal immigrant children in schools is taking resources from citizen children Click Here for Details

Look at Carbon Dioxide Differently?

New EPA Chief says CO2 is NOT the main contributor to global warming Click Here for Story

US Corporate Tax Rate?

  Highest in the G20 Click Here for Story

Warning to the NoKos?

President sends B-52s to South Korea after North Korean missile launch Click Here for Details

Get to The Bottom of It

  Senator Graham and the White House ask DOJ and FBI for warrants and orders Click Here for Details

Bad Senators

H-2B 31 US Senators ask for blue collar foreign replacement workers instead or training and hiring Americans Click Here for Story

Wikileaks Latest Move

WikiLeaks will give tech companies exclusive access to CIA hacking tools - Assange (VIDEO)Will give access to CIA hacking documents to high tech firms Click Here for Details


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