Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Go Nuclear!

Dem obstructionists are showing McConnell he has little choice but to change the rules in Senate Click Here for Story

Problem Students?

Media and progressives want to blame race but is it just income level and home status? Click Here for Story

Money For Nothing: Best Teachers’ Pay Stagnates While ‘Ineffectives’ Get Raise

 While school administrators and teachers unions complain that teachers are underpaid, their actions across the state have led often to situations in which a district’s most highly effective teachers face reduced or stagnant wages. … more

Why Mackinac Published Names and Wages of Government Workers in a Searchable Database

  Last week, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan Press Association and Michigan Coalition for Open Government published an online, searchable database of government workers and their salaries. … more

Left Wing Loons Can’t Even Do 2nd Amendment Right

Image source: Facebook video screen cap Ridiculous behavior as they try to intimidate reporter Click Here for Story

Dem Whip List

The Hill’s Whip List: Where Dems stand on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Where Senate Dems sit on SCOTUS appointment Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Elon Musk looks to escape the AI apocalypse he’s helping create? Click Here for Story

Pipeline Threats

Green activists threaten Keystone construction Click Here for Details

The Man with the Paper Ass

 Senator Schumer thinks he can dictate healthcare to the GOP despite having no real power Click Here for Story

Deep State Must be Stopped

US President Donald Trump speaks during the Women in Healthcare panel at the White House on March 22, 2017Progressives and left leaning bureaucrats are sabotaging the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Democrat War on Women

Louisiana Governor’s office pay’s women way less than men Click Here for Details

Has Been Hypocrite

Ted Koppel wants to criticize today’s talk media Click Here for Story

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