Thursday April 6, 2017

Conservatives Still Not on Board for Repeal & Replace

Watered down Obamacare replacement isn’t what Conservatives promised voters? Click Here for Story

Not Prepared

25% of Michigan households are one crisis away from poverty Click Here for Details

The Legislative Clock is Ticking

 When Michigan Republicans won control of the governor’s office and state Legislature in 2010, the state was ready for economic reform. The conditions are fertile for those who would pursue a bold agenda. … more

In the Battle for Jobs, Subsidy Programs Shoot Blanks

  Michigan’s economy is already thriving even without new corporate giveaways. The state has become a national leader in economic growth and job creation. … more

Libs Looking for Anything to Stop Gorsuch

Liberal media accuses Neil Gorsuch of plagiarism — but WH & alleged victim say ‘not so fast’…including making up plagiarism Click Here for Story

Bannon No Longer on NSC

Personnel shake up at White House removes Steve Bannon from National Security Council Click Here for Details and Video

European Union Pushing the Limits

Hungary Tells Poland nd Hungary to accept migrants or leave the Union Click Here for Story

Dems Pull Race Card

Trying to defend Susan Rice’s improper actions by calling accuser racists and sexists Click Here for Details

Change of Tone

 Rep Adam Schiff’s tone on spying scandal is changing Click Here for Story

Jobs Boom

More great news on the Trump Economy Click Here for Details

Elizabeth Hypocrite

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Senator Warren goes quiet day after Equal Pay Day when report shows she pays women staffers less Click Here for Story

What Happened to Weiner’s Laptop?

Info from recovered computer still not available? Click Here for Details

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