Wednesday April 12, 2017

Tillerson’s Hardline

Accuses Russia of aligning with terrorist group Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Highest Taxed Communities

Top 50 highest taxes Click Here for Story

Prompt Government Transparency is Vital to Democracy

Government transparency tools like the Freedom of Information Act are one of the best ways to hold public officials and employees accountable for their actions. But they only work when government agencies respond quickly and efficiently. … more

School Claims Its Tax Hike Emails Don’t Invade Privacy – but Opponent’s Would

Across the state, dozens of school districts are asking residents for a tax hike on May 2 and using school resources to warn residents of alleged dire consequences if voters say “no.” … more

Deal on Repeal?

Freedom Caucus chair: Deal 'close' on ObamaCare repeal Freedom Caucus says yes there could be a deal on Obamacare repeal Click Here for Story

GOP Traitors Join Democrats

 Republicans may refuse to fund the border wall that the people voted for Click Here for Details

Big Threats from NoKos

North Korea threatens America with nuclear war Click Here for Story and Video

Backwards in Time

Slavery is gaining ground in Africa and the Middle East Click Here for Details

Cancer in Academia

 Political correctness is supplanting real education Click Here for Story

Russia Still Claims False Flag

Says US is faking chemical accusations against Syria Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

‘Life beyond Earth’: NASA to reveal findings about ‘ocean worlds in our solar system’ (POLL)Life beyond earth? Click Here for Story

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