Friday April 14, 2017

Good Friday!

The Cost of Losing Bannon?

IS Bannon out at the Trump White House and what will it cost in support? Click Here for Story and Video

State Should Review Supreme Court Pay

   The Legislature has not approved any pay increases for Supreme Court justices for the last 15 years. They should reconsider. … more

Hybrid Plan Did Not Fix School Retirement System

  When lawmakers last considered offering new school employees in Michigan only a defined-contribution retiree plan, the system’s administrators said that the newer “hybrid” plan being offered to new employees has fixed the pension system. They are wrong. … more

A New Look at Passenger Rights

United dragging incident fuels push for passenger rightsUnited incident has airlines looking at their regulations for passengers Click Here for Story

Promises Kept

Trump campaign looks to deport 4000 Somalis Click Here for Details and Video

Trump and NATO

 Still calling for NATO members to pay their share and work on Syria together Click Here for Story

Assad’s Denial

President of Syria still denies chemical attack Click Here for Details

Biggest Non-Nuclear US Bomb Dropped?

Allegedly used on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Sweden

Sweden won’t deport immigrant rapists Click Here for Details


Merkel Merkel admits some refugees are terrorists Click Here for Details

Trump Still Optimistic on Russia

US & Russia ‘will work out fine’: Trump promises ‘lasting peace’ Says things can be worked out Click Here for Story


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