Tuesday April 18, 2017


Gorsuch’s First Case

Religious liberty on the dockett Click Here for Story

Violence in Detroit

Mob beats people in downtown Detroit Click Here for Details

Awash In Millions In Government Subsidies, Solar Company Still Shuttered Michigan Plant

  The federal government cited Suniva Inc. as one of its success stories, saying the solar energy business future was so bright, “You got to wear shades.” About three months later, Suniva closed its Michigan plant. … more

Don’t Bring Back Granholm’s Tax Credit Legacy

   Michigan legislators are considering creating new targeted tax credit programs, a key part of former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s economic strategy.  … more

Dem Apology

Democrat lawmaker apologies for disturbing remark about Republican Click Here for Story

Pence Warns NoKos

Pence warns North Korea not to test Trump, US militaryDo not test the US military’s resolve Click Here for Details

Turkey Steps Backward?

Vote to give more power to the President of Turkey will continue the purge Click Here for Story

It’s About the Law

  Secretary Kelly says it isn’t, ICE deporting people its THE LAW Click Here for Details

Deep State vs Arpaio

Disgusting attempt to Jail former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Click Here for Story


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