Monday April 24, 2017

France Has A Chance?

Le Pen has advanced to the runoff election, but still faces an uphill battle against Macron. (AP photos)Marine LePen heads to election with Macron in France Click Here for Story

Secretive Bidder Wins Pure Michigan Contract Over Transparent One

  For many years, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has always selected a friendly vendor to calculate the return on investment of its state tourism promotion funding effort (Pure Michigan), rather than seek bids from several possible choices.  … more

Democratic Slide

New poll shows support for Democrats is worsening Click Here for Details

NoKos won’t back down?

More threats from North Korea as US moves forces in Pacific Click Here for Story

Big Problem for Germany?

Germany filled with former Afghan fighters Click Here for Details

Hmmm ISIS Used Chemical Weapons?

 US says ISIS used chemical weapons near Mosul Click Here for Story

Fund the Wall

Improper Tax Credits given to illegals could pay for the wall? Click Here for Details


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