Sunday May 7, 2017

Break It Up?

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, has introduced legislation that would set up a commission comprised of eight lawmakers, evenly-split between both parties in the House and Senate. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)Congressman Tim Ryan has a novel idea for the Feds Click Here for Story

Schools in Poorer Towns ‘Poorly Funded’ — If You Don’t Count All Their Funding

  Michigan’s largest teachers union is promoting a myth that public schools in poorer communities get less funding than those elsewhere.  … more

A company called Suniva Inc. received millions of dollars in federal subsidies, plus some local and state ones, but in March still closed its solar cell manufacturing facility in Saginaw Township after three years. How much did the company rely on federal money? Its first sale in Michigan was to the Washtenaw Food Hub in Ann Arbor. o offset some of the cost of buying the Suniva solar cells, the organization used a $115,829 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Both ends of the deal were subsidized by the federal government.… moreF

Fracking NOT So Bad

New study hurts climate scammers arguments Click Here for Details

French Hack

Macron Campaign gets hacked and its emails released Click Here for Story

Under Investigation?

Late Show With Stephen ColbertColbert gets investigated by FCC for comments Click Here for Details

Idiot Media

Newsweeks’s Eichenwald shows his stupidity and bias Click Here for Story

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