Monday May 8, 2017


The End of France?

Macron wins French culture loses? Click Here for Story

Legislature Considers Reopening a Closed Business Subsidy Program

 In addition to a bill to give more taxpayer dollars to select developers to build buildings, state lawmakers are considering another package that would give more taxpayer dollars to select businesses. … more

What The….

N.Y. promoted, covered up lesson plan teaching students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers New York Schools promote sympathy for terrorists? Click Here for Story

Schools in Poorer Towns ‘Poorly Funded’ — If You Don’t Count All Their Funding

Michigan’s largest teachers union is promoting a myth that public schools in poorer communities get less funding than those elsewhere.  … more

The Senate on Healthcare

who to watch on healthcare in the Senate Click Here for Details

Inconvenient Power

How many solar workers equal one coal worker? Click Here for Story

Global Temperatures Plummet?

More bad news for the Climate Scammers Click Here for Details

President Trump in Saudi Arabia

The President will visit Saudi Arabia will it change foreign policy? Click Here for Story


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