Sunday June 11, 2017

Why Silence Carter?

Democrats and committees don’t want Carter Page to testify, because he’ll debunk the Fake Collusion story? Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Universities Also Socked by Massively Underfunded School Pensions

  Michigan’s public school districts are not the only educational institutions grappling with the financial burdens of a massively underfunded pension system. Seven of the state’s 15 public universities are also having to pay large sums to catch up on the public school system’s debt, which since just 2009 has risen from $12.0 billion to $29.1 billion. … more

Isabella County Closer to Allowing 200 or More Wind Turbines

 Members of the Isabella County Planning Commission took another step toward preparing the county for wind turbines in their meeting Thursday night. … more

Uh Oh Chelsea!

Chelsea Clinton tries to bash Republicans in tweet — but actually destroys Michelle Obama insteadDidi Chelsea Clinton destroy Michelle Obama’s legacy in a tweet? Click Here for Details

Sessions to Testify

AG Sessions will testify Tuesday  Click Here for Story

March Against Sharia

Cathy Camper Is America seeing what Islam threatens? Click Here for Details

Border Agent Kidnapped

FBI investigating after kidnapping and assault on officer Click Here for Story


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