Thursday June 15, 2017

Shooter Targets Republicans at Charity Practice

Congressman Scalise and others shot by gunmen Click Here for Story and Video

Open Season on Conservatives?

Rep Bishop says DC shooter was hunting them Click Here for Details

Do Millionaires Need More Subsidies?

  State lawmakers are once again rushing to embrace another program designed to benefit a few at the expense of the many. The new proposal is known colloquially as “Good Jobs for Michigan” but if history is any guide, it will produce few of note.  … more

Detroit Schools Would Already Be in Deficit if Not for Teacher Vacancies, Extra State Money

  The reconstituted Detroit public school district would already be back in a deficit if it had filled 300 teacher openings and was not getting extra “transition cost” money from a 2016 state bailout. … more

Libs Promoting Violence

Today’s shooting is a direct result of violence being promoted by Democrat supporters Click Here for Story

Rand Paul’s Take on Shooting

First hand account Click Here for Story and Video

Beating the Dead Horse

Despite absolutely no evidence Dems vow to keep up Russia collusion allegations Click Here for Details and Video

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