Thursday July 6, 2017

How Fares Justice Gorsuch?

First few months of SCOTUS may have a telling affect Click Here for Story 

The Model Facade: Selling Jobs to the Public, Press and Policymakers

  The state’s corporate welfare program is expecting everyone to take their word that their programs are successful. … more

MSM Needs Its SafeSpace?

CNN complaining about Trump wrestling meme is as pathetic as it gets Click Here for Story and Video

Is Cruz the Key to Healthcare

Does Senator Cruz have the ideas that could save a GOP healthcare plan? Click Here for Details

What the Hell is Wrong with Canada?

 Apologies and cash to Muslim extremist ho murdered a US soldier? Click Here for Details

Giving Fame for Retribution?

CNN promises to hunt down and expose Meme maker and get even worse backlash Click Here for Details

The Real Korean Problem

AP PhotoLack of  hardened US electrical grid could cost millions of US lives Click Here for Story

Ouch How Un-Papal

Gay orgy broken up at Pope Francis’s advisers home Click Here for Details

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