Thursday August 3, 2017

Republican Traitors to Their Own Agenda

After 7 years of yelling for Obamacare repeal now GOP looks at rescuing it? Click Here for Details

The Foundation Allowance: Only The Beginning of School Funding

   Most people in Michigan attended a public school, but few are familiar with how they are financed. … more

A Solution to Local Government Debt

  Local government retiree liabilities in Michigan have grown to at least $17 billion. Retirement debt costs are the fastest-rising expense for many municipalities, crowding out spending on core government services and have led to higher taxes. … more

Stopping Al Gore’s Lies

Mayor of disappearing island faces Al Gore and shuts down global warming claimIsland Mayor confronts Al Gore’s Climate Change scam Click Here for Details

House Up for Grabs?

Dems think they can actually take back the House of Representatives? Click Here for Story

Transgender Ban in Military the Right Move?

These retired admirals and Generals say yes Click Here for Details

About Time

Trump Admin looks at legal immigration reform Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

New breakthrough in cryogenics Click Here for Details

Flowers and the Sword

  Tillerson tells North Korea we are not your enemy Click Here for Story

Trump Signs Russian Sanctions

Bill also hits North Korea and Iran Click Here for Details

Like We Didn’t Know?

More emails show Clinton pay for play and classified info leaks Click Here for Story

Indo China War?

Stand off on border between China and India Click Here for Details

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