Monday August 14, 2017

Was There More Involved in Charlotteville Attack?

Investigation looking for accomplices? Click Here for Details

State of Michigan’s Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge

 If Asian carp become established in the Great Lakes, they could decimate Michigan’s fisheries and would have a significant negative impact on Michigan’s $2.43 billion fishing industry. … more

City Income Tax Proposal On November Ballot Sparks Business Revolt

 A large number of East Lansing businesses have expressed opposition to an income tax proposal the city council has placed on the Nov. 7 ballot. … more

Problems with Venezuela?

Former socialist leader threatened Marco Rubio? Click Here for Story

Huckabee Defends Trump

Nothing POTUS could say or do would please the left Click Here for Details

Helicopter Crash in Charlottesville

Two LEOs’ dead in copter crash Click Here for Story


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