Tuesday August 22, 2017

Defeating Terrorism

President unveils new Afghanistan plan Click Here for Story

How Will Eclipse Affect Power Grid

Loss of sunlight will reduce electrical generation Click Here for Story

Despite Record State Revenue, Spending Interests Predict Budget Meltdown

  Media headlines warned of deficits and painful cuts. Instead, state revenues increased by $1 billion this year. … more

Hypocrisy of Leftist Protesters

You won’t believe what these protesters screamed at cops Click Here for Details and Video

Republicans Won’t Live Up to Border Wall Promise?

Establishment GOP seem to be rejecting the wall people voted for Click Here for Story

Pope Globalist The 1st

AP Photo  Pope says refugee rights outweigh National Security Click Here for Details

Islamic Terror Plans

Thwarted when bomb building facility explodes Click Here for Story

Navy Conducting Fleet Wide Investigations

2nd collision in a month Click Here for Details



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