Thursday August 24, 2017

Democrats Just Don’t Get it

Ripping the wall that Americans voted for as “Immoral”? Click Here for Story

Holland Going Into The Broadband Business

 Holland officials want the city to go into the internet broadband business. But outside experts in both academia and the private sector warn this could mean trouble for both taxpayers and local enterprises, … more

Lansing Politicians Put Favored Businesses Ahead of Everyone Else

  State lawmakers passed two programs this year to give the businesses they select taxpayer dollars. It’s the kind of policy that tells regular people that they don’t matter while the important people get to play by their own rules. … more

The Laughable Hillary

New Hillary Clinton memoir takes cheap shots at Trump, reveals her biggest regret about the election Latest book is so hypocritical its laughable Click Here for Story

Filibuster MUST Go

Senate filibuster rule is stopping all progress by GOP Click Here for Details

Left Loses Monument Debate

The stupidity of PC is now so obvious Click Here for Story and Video

Clapper Off His Biased Rocker

CNN hires former DNI and he shows his extreme bias Click Here for Details and Video

Blame the Media

Media is normalizing violent behavior Click Here for Story

#Wrong Way Paul

leftist protest bostonSpeaker Ryan seems to be going the wrong way in who he supports Click Here for Story

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