Thursday August 31, 2017


Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports Americans spend more on taxes than food and clothing combined Click Here for Story

Democrats Against Tax Reform

No help for Americans from the Democrats Click Here for Story

Cleaning Hats in Detroit Still Requires a License

  The high-end hat business isn’t what it once was in Detroit. At his second inauguration in 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower wore a hat from Henry the Hatter, which left Detroit earlier this month after its landlord kicked the business out of its downtown Detroit location of 65 years. … more

Threats from NOKOs Continue

North Korea calls firing missile over Japan ‘prelude’ to Pacific operationsMissile over Japan was just the beginning says Kim Jong Un Click Here for Details

US Growth at 3%

Trump prediction comes true Click Here for Story

Another Hurricane?

Tropical Storm Irma could be next to hit US Click Here for Details

Facism Has Come to America

 And it calls itself Antifa Click Here for Story

CNN Hated in Texas

Out of the bubble reporter gets heckled in the heartland Click Here for Details

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