Friday September 1, 2017

President With a Heart

President Trump donates $1 Million of his own money to Hurrican Harvey relief  Click Here for Story  

The Michigan Administrative Code, a compilation of all the rules and regulations created and enforced by state agencies, contains more than 83,000 mandates, requirements, restrictions and more. All told, they run to over 4.6 million words.

The agencies that have promulgated the most regulations are the state departments of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Quality, and Treasury. The figures come from research done by the Mercatus Center.… more


Spot On

The Left ignores violence from Antifa and BLM Click Here for Story

Why IS the Southern Poverty Law Center Doing This?

 Paying huge salaries and moving money off shore? Click Here for Details

War Jitters

 South Korea F-15K planes drop MK-82 bombs at a simulated target at the Pilseung Range in GangwonIs Kim Jong Un’s antics catching up with him? Click Here for Story and Video

Damage of Harvey

Over 100.000 homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey Click Here for Story

GOP Missing a Generational Opportunity

Once in a lifetime chance for Tax Reform and the Republicans are wasting it Click Here for Details

President Has a Tax Plan

Mnuchin says a plan is ready for the President to sign Click Here for Story

Tit for Tat

US orders some Russian consulate buildings to close Click Here for Details and Video

What is The Justice Department Hiding?

Judicial Watch Sues Justice Department for Comey’s ‘Exit Records’ Judicial Watch has to sue for Comey exit records Click Here for Story


Did James Comey clear Hillary Clinton before she was even interviewed? Click Here for Details

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