Monday September 11, 2017

9/11: 16 Years After

16 years since the attack on 9/11 Click Here for Details

Democrats Alienating Catholics

And what does that mean for politics? Click Here for Story

Not a Scientist But He Plays One on TV

Bill Nye blames powerful hurricanes on climate change — then a real scientist shuts him downBill Nye gets shut down on his Climate Scam claims by a real scientist Click Here for Details

Irma Losing Some Steam

Dropping to Category 2 as it heads through Florida Click Here for Details

ISIS Intelligence Treasure Trove

Information being gathered as ISIS is pushed back Click Here for Story

Are Jared and Ivanka Negatively Affecting the Trump Admin?

Some feel the two liberal leaning family members need to go Click Here for Story

Mitch McConnell: Total Failure

Senate Majority Leader is letting Chuck Schumer run the Senate Click Here for Story

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