Wednesday September 13, 2017

Queen of Blame

Hillary Clinton says media helped her lose the election? Click Here for Details

Liberal Idiot

These are the type of people you pay big money to teach your kids? Click Here for Story

More Inaccuracies in New York Times Attack on Michigan Charter Schools

  The New York Times Magazine published a 7,000-word story on Sept. 5 that attacked Michigan’s charter schools. Among the themes it promoted was one popular among charter school opponents, that charters are all about the money because their boards hire for-profit education management companies to operate their schools. … more

Failing on Purpose?

GOP is running out of time to fulfill their campaign promises Click Here for Details and Video

Immigration Race

Immigration arms race begins on Capitol HillWhose got the best ideas in DC Click Here for Story

This IS Islam

UK Imam tells followers to spill blood and establish the law of Allah Click Here for Story


Median incomes rise in US Click Here for Details

The Fall of Germany

Immigrant pusher Merkel may get re-elected Click Here for Story

Jobs Being Taken?

More than half of Americans believe illegal aliens steal jobs from Americans Click Here for Details

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