Friday October 6, 2017

Zero Evidence

Senate panel has found zero evidence of Russian collusion with Trump campaign Click Here for Story

University of Michigan Violates Open Records Law

 The University of Michigan withheld emails in violation of the Freedom of Information Act by claiming they were protected conversation under law but none of those emails met that standard. The withheld emails involved comments University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel made about President Donald Trump and were eventually released after a settlement of a lawsuit. … more

Bump Stocks Not Liked by NRA?

NRA releases surprising statement on bump stocks used by Las Vegas killerSurprising stand by the NRA Click Here for Story

Iran Deal Decison?

Will Trump Admin walk back from Obama Iran deal? Click Here for Details

Censoring God Speech?

MSNBC cuts off mic of Judge Roy Moore as he  talks about God Click Here for Story

Tragedy for Green Berets

 US troops ambushed in African conflict Click Here for Details

Vegas Shooter Did NOT Act Alone?

Revelations from investigators Click Here for Story and Video

Lib Hypocrites…Again

Hollywood mogul Weinstein accused of sexual harassment Click Here for Story


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