Wednesday October 11, 2017

Deafening Silence

Media finally hitting Hillary on Weinstein Scandal hypocrisy? Click Here for Details

Charter Schools Face Funding, Facility Inequities

 As Michigan charter schools seek to serve more families, they face some unusual challenges. A couple of recent developments highlight some of them and offer opportunities to help level the playing field for all public schools, charters included. … more

SCOTUS Upholds Travel Ban

Case dismissed in victory for Trump Admin Click Here for Details

Liquor Store Owners Think It’s Great For State To Ban Nearby Competition

  The state of Michigan is believed to have been the only state in the country that imposed a peculiar prohibition on one liquor store being located within a half-mile of another liquor store. … more

Something Fishy?

Police reveal new development in Las Vegas shooting. This could be a game-changer.New revelations from police in Vegas shooting and timeline Click Here for Story  And Here for More Info

Hollywood Rapist?

More allegations against Liberal Hollywood Mogul Click Here for Details


James O’Keefe ready to out NYT and Media as agendists? Click Here for Story and Video

Time to Clean GOP House

Globalist Republicans must be outed Click Here for Details

Establishment Sinking?

Some GOP Senators coming to Trump side? Click Here for Story

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