Thursday October 12, 2017

Mr. Do Nothing

Calls for Senator McConnell’s ouster because of his inability to accomplish anything Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Top Cop Could Lose $161,903 In Double Dipping Benefits If Ousted

MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains  The embattled director of the Michigan State Police stands to lose about $161,903 if she is forced out before March 1, 2018 due to a lucrative state police program in which she is enrolled. … more

Why Pension Reform Is Hard for Politicians

  State and local governments across the country owe their employees and retirees billions more in pension benefits than they’ve saved to pay for them. To fix this problem, governments should stop offering benefits that can become an albatross around their necks. … more

Bad Courts

Rapist given partial custody rights? Click Here for Details

Congressional Drugs?

Pharmacy is delivering drugs including Alzheimer’s medication to Captiol Hill Click Here for Story

Fake News?

NBC creating fake news concerning President and the US Nuclear arsenal Click Here for Story

Fleeing the Country?

Is Weinstein seeking help or just pulling a Polanski? Click Here for Details

Odd Radiation in Europe

 Higher levels of isotope Ruthenium-106 were recorded in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. File picture Who is responsible for an increase in radioactive particles in Europe? Click Here for Story

NFL Looking to Make Players Stand

The rule to stand is already in NFL rules just enforce it? Click Here for Details


Mark MeadowsGOP will not succeed in 2018 unless they get behind the Trump Agenda that voters picked Click Here for Story

Lockdown at Charlottesville Schools

Threats hit Virginia school district Click Here for Details

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