Friday October 13, 2017

Ryan on Board?

House Speaker Paul Ryan said President Trump's tax reform speech Speaker Ryan agrees with Trump Tax Reform plan? Click Here for Story

Why Amazon Should Come to Michigan

15 good reasons Click Here for Details

Why Pension Reform Is Hard for Politicians

   State and local governments across the country owe their employees and retirees billions more in pension benefits than they’ve saved to pay for them. To fix this problem, governments should stop offering benefits that can become an albatross around their necks. … more

Prototypes for Border Wall

Prototypes for Trump’s border wall are finally being built – here’s what they look likeIt is coming Click Here for Story

POTUS Moves on Healthcare

Executive order signed as Congress fails to do its job again Click Here for Details and Video


Obama’s now disgusted with Weinstein but loved his money Click Here for Story

Unemployment Falls Again

Now lowest in 43 years Click Here for Details and Video

State of Lawlessness

California just went beyond the pale with Sanctuary status Click Here for Story


UN groups anti-Israel bias costs them dearly Click Here for Details

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