Tuesday October 24, 2017

Ignorant or Lying Senators?

US Senators should have already known what was happening in Niger Click Here for Story

Racial Graffiti a False Flag?

Eddie Curlin (Courtesy of the Michigan Department of Corrections)   Racist graffiti was actually painted by an African American Click Here for Details

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Would Mandate Nation’s Richest Injury Coverage

  If a proposal in the Michigan House to reform auto insurance becomes law, vehicle owners here would be required to purchase the nation’s most generous coverage for treatment of crash-related injuries. … more

Why North Korea is More Dangerous Than Thought

EMP weapon does not have to hit specific target Click Here for Story

Your 401K and the New Tax Plan

President says your 401k won’t change Click Here for Details

Japan Says Noko Threat is Imminent

Now a critical danger according to Japan Click Here for Story

Trumpism Expanding Around the World

Newly elected leaders are much like President Trump Click Here for Details and Video

Media Involved in Cover Up

Uranium scandal and the Clintons is being covered up by the media Click Here for Details


Liberal Progressive billionaire Mark Cuban says he’d run for President …As a Republican? Click Here for Details and Video

US and Iraq Differ on Iran Backed Military Help

With defeat of ISIS, US asks for Iranian backed paramiltary units to go home, Iraq says no Click Here for Story

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