Thursday October 26, 2017

Clinton Financed Fake News

Clinton campaign behind the fake Trump Dossier that started all the investigations Click Here for Story and Video

Law Breakers!

FEC Complaint says Clinton campaign broke laws Click Here for Story

Fraser Public Schools Explains Its Role In A Union Pension Spiking Scheme

 Fraser Public Schools Superintendent David Richards said the state law allows for the pension spiking scheme and lawmakers didn’t end it when they had a chance. … more

Michigan Local Governments Have Self-Inflicted Financing Problems

  It’s often been said that you get the government you pay for. This breaks down, however, when our government managers push the costs of yesterday’s government onto today’s taxpayers.  … more

Libs Attack Their Own if They Dare Be Honest

New York Times reporter is being attacked over one tweet that angered Clinton defenders NY Times reporter attacked over tweet about Clinton financing of Trump Dossier Click Here for Story

Waste of Breath

Flake and Corker anti-Trump nonsense is just hot air Click Here for Details

Welfare State

Oregon has more food stamp recipients than public school students Click Here for Story

Mueller Investigation is Turning in the Right Direction

Democrats, Clintons AND the FBI guilty of fake evidence and false investigation? Click Here for Details

Clinton Funding?

Uranium deal lined Clinton pockets Click Here for Story

Georgi Peorgi?

George HW Bush involved in a sex scandal? Click Here for Details

Civil Rights Group Goes After American Airlines

racial harassment? Click Here for Story

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