Monday October 30, 2017

Puerto Rico Grid Re-Construction Contract Canceled

$300 million contract canceled amid controversy Click Here for Story and Video

Lawmakers in 18 states have adopted some form of tuition tax credit program that lets individuals or businesses claim a tax credit for donations that help students attend a private school. … more

The Uranium One Deal

What you need to know Click Here for Story

More Stupidity from Maxine Waters

Trying to divide women on President Trump Click Here for Details

What’s the Deal with Manafort?

Paul Manafort Mueller investigation looking at Manafort financial dealings? Click Here for Story

Media Hiding Uranium One Scandal

No coverage of the real Russian collusion from the Clintons Click Here for Details

More Leaks From Mueller

Law breaking by the man who is supposed to find law breakers? Click Here for Story

Crocs and Hippos

Gang of 30 angry hippos attacks croc in Tanzania (VIDEO)Hippos are the kings of the watering hole Click Here for Details and Video

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