Wednesday November 1, 2017

Terror in NYC

The attacker has been named as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov from Florida. Witnesses said he did not resist arrest after being shot in the stomach on Tuesday afternoon Islamic terrorist attacks in New York City Click Here for Details

Investigate Clintons

Paying for Dossier and Uranium One scandal are reason enough Click Here for Story

CEOs of Michigan’s Big Energy Monopolies Get Millions, Customers Get Rate Hikes

  In 2016, DTE Energy CEO Gerard Anderson collected $12.5 million in total compensation — at a time when the company imposed a $184.3 million rate increase on its customers. … more

Legislature Looking to Streamline Internet Services

 A package of bills introduced in the Michigan House would limit fees, streamline permits and generally make it easier for internet providers to offer high-speed connections. … more

North Korean Disaster

The Punggye-ri test site is thought to have suffered a collapse200 reported dead in North Korean tunnel accident Click Here for Details

Cut Congressional Perks?

SQUEAL Act a good idea? Click Here for Details

Much Ado About Nothing

Manafort charges are for naught? Click Here for Story

The Trump Economy

America IS getting great again Click Here for Details

Iranian Threats

Iran missiles Iran threatens attacks against all US bases? Click Here for Story

DOJ Obstruction?

Is the Department of Justice actually obstructing investigations? Click Here for Story and Video


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