Wednesday November 8, 2017

Get On The Train

GOP Never-Trumpers have to rethink their strategy Click Here for Story

No More ‘Chippewas,’ ‘Eskymos’ or ‘Fighting Scots’? Bill Bans Ethnic Mascots

  The Caledonia Fighting Scots, Escanaba Eskymos, and dozens of school district teams with mascots such as “Warriors,” “Braves” or “Indians” would have to find new names and mascots under a bill introduced in the Michigan Senate last week.  … more

How to Solve Government Employee Retiree Health Insurance Costs

   Some local government officials have gotten their governments into a mess and cannot get out without help. They’ve promised retiree medical insurance to unionized employees and did not set aside money to pay for it.  … more

Finally Figuring It Out?

Dems Realizing  Their Mistake on Being So  Far Left? Click Here for Story

Indictment Coming?

Weinstein may be under indictment soon Click Here for Details

Still Dumb

John Kerry shows he still hasn’t learned anything Click Here for Story




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