Thursday April 11, 2019

Trump Campaign WAS Spied On

AG Barr says spying happened Click Here for Details

More Measles

Michigan getting more measles cases Click Here for Details

Roads going for less than $2.5 billion

Pitch for spending starts at $1.9 billion

Tax Sales Boost County Budgets, But Do They Violate Owners’ Rights?

Counties sell properties and keep entire amount, though taxes owed may be less

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Students are getting triggered more often Click Here for Details

Democrat House Wants to Control the Internet

More socialism from the Democrats Click Here for Story

Bibi Rules

Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to become the longest-serving Israeli prime minister Netanyahu wins re-election Click Here for Details

Hillary Investigation Was Compromised?

FBI Lawyers was worried after reading Page Strzok texts Click Here for Story

Apologist Joe

Biden channels Obama and begins new apology tour? Click Here for Story

Got Facebook? Go to Jail

China arresting people with Facebook app Click Here for Details

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Tuesday April 9, 2019

NOT So Popular?

  Beto has small turnout in Iowa Click Here for Details

Say No to Business Subsidies

Michigan should sign onto an interstate compact to eliminate corporate welfare

The Roads Are Crumbling And Have Always Been Crumbling

Michigan media has been breaking the story going on 30 years

Ruh Roh Ocasio

By blocking a reporter  did Rep Ocasio-Cortez violate the 1st Amendment? Click Here for Details

Do We Believe Bernie?

Says he doesn’t believe in Open Borders? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Cancer vaccine moves into human trials Click Here for Story

DHS Change

Kirsten out as DHS Secretary Click Here for Details

GOP Will Do a Healthcare Plan

Will it be before or after 2020 Click Here for Story

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Monday April 8, 2019

Democrats Forgot What Nazis Are?

Its their own party Click Here for Details

City Spends $300,000 Extra On Construction Projects To Pay Union Wages

Michigan eliminated prevailing wage law but Royal Oak wants to pay more

Criminal Referrals

Rep Nunes sending 8 referrals to AG Barr this week Click Here for Story

God Forbid

Pelosi says Democrats will hold the House in 2020 despite their pathetic attacks and obstruction Click Here for Details

Democrats Looking for Yet Another Set of Voters

Now they want to add prisoners to 16 year olds and illegals as voters Click Here for Story

Democrats Look for Next Anti-Trump Issue

They want Trump taxes but Mulvaney says no way Click Here for Details and Video

King of Hypocrisy

Buttigieg shows he is king of pandering and just not very smart Click Here for Story

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Sunday April 7, 2019

Minnesota is Lost?

Lawmakers vote to give illegals driver’s license Click Here for Story

History of the Hash Bash

Ann Arbor was way out front of the legalized marijuana laws Click Here for Details

Michigan AG Withdraws State From Challenge to Federal Wetlands Rule

Move may impact farmers, developers and landowners

The Lying Media

Democrats and media still spreading lies about POTUS statements on immigration Click Here for Details

Republicans Working on the Wrong Side

Not helping the Trump Agenda Click Here for Details

Border Flood

Congress needs to back the President Click Here for Story

Can’t Take the Heat?

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks at the National Action Network's annual convention on April 5, 2019 in New York City. Founded by Rev. Al Sharpton in 1991, the National Action Network is one of the most influential African American organizations dedicated to civil rights in America. (Photo by Spencer …AOC complains about criticism of her pandering Click Here for Details


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The Drift Radio Show April 6, 2019

The Drift Radio Show April 6, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka discuss news of the week and interview Congressman Tim Walberg Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday April 6, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com


ICE nomination gets pulled Click Here for Details

Michigan Road Funding

Issues abound for road deal Click Here for Story

Sunny With a Chance of Apocalypse

Consumers Energy should produce affordable, reliable energy

Not Sorry?

Is Joe Biden making the right moves on his history? Click Here for Story and Video

Simple History Lesson

Hitler WAS a Socialist Click Here for Details

The Next Attempt

Libs now look for tax return fight to get rid of POTUS Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

More jobs in latests jobs report Click Here for Story

Warning Mexico

  POTUS threatens Mexico if they don’t stop illegals heading to border Click Here for Details

Democrat Litmus test for 2020

You must want reparations is the new Democrat battle cry Click Here for Story

Another Loser Joins 2020 Democrat Presidential Race

If you can’t run a city how can you run a country Click Here for Details


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Friday April 5, 2019 The Daily Drift

Sue Yale

Image result for ted cruz beard Senator Ted Cruz threatens lawsuit against Yale University for discrimination against Christians Click Here for Details


President Ford’s grave site defaced Click Here for Story

People Are Leaving the Nation’s Largest Unions After Janus Case

National Education Association loses 3 percent, AFSCME down 8 percent

Oakland County Takes House For $8.41 Property Tax Mistake

Owner likely will see them in state Supreme Court later this year

No Confidence

Image result for kim foxx More fallout for Prosecutor Kim Foxx after Jussie Smollet case Click Here for Details

Media Still Pushing Collusion

NY Times says Mueller team not happy with report summary Click Here for Story

Russia in Arctic

Russia pushing for control in the Arctic? Click Here for Details

It’s Called Weather Chuck

Image result for dumb chuck schumer Senator Schumer blaming weather on Global warming Click Here for Story

Dems Going Into Illegal Territory

Asking for Grand Jury information that would be illegal to release Click Here for Details

Unveiling the Stone

Judicial Watch sues FBI over Roger Stone raid documentation Click Here for Story

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Thursday April 4, 2019

Dirty Dems

FEC says Ocasio-Cortez ran a subsidy scheme to fund campaign? Click Here for Story

Former Teacher Now Legislator Claims ‘Massive School Disinvestment’

But her old district is getting much more

Call to Roll Back Third-Grade Reading Law Misguided

State should follow through and replicate successful reforms to boost reading

Supporting POTUS

Hollywood’s Isaiah Washington says Trump is helping the black community Click Here for Story

Dems Won’t Give Up the Russian Collusion Scam

Now they don’t believe Mueller Click Here for Details

Migrants Unstoppable?

Jorge Ramos says the migrants can’t be stopped just open the border Click Here for Details

Illegals Cause Crime?

 Federal courts on border lead nation in convictions Click Here for Story

Ohio Mulls Giving Its Voter’s Voice Away

ZANESVILLE, OH - NOVEMBER 06: People cast their votes at the Central Trinity United Methodist Church polling location on November 6, 2018 in Zanesville, Ohio. Turnout is expected to be high nationwide as Democrats hope to take back control of at least one chamber of Congress. (Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty …Bill would award electoral votes to the popular vote winner Click Here for Details

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Wednesday April 3, 2019

Minorities Turning to Trump

Approval rates among Blacks and Hispanics is growing? Click Here for Story

For Michigan Newspapers, Disaster Always Stalks Public Schools

Sky-is-falling headlines have been common since the 1950s

Education Scholarship Proposal Would Open Doors For Parents, Schoolchildren 

A new federal plan would help families exercise choice

Congresswoman Omar Breaks the Law

Another Dem freshman in trouble for election violation Click Here for Story

Socialist Money Man

Bernie raising big money for election Click Here for Details

Mexico Helping Caravans

Caravans of Central Americans and Cubans making their way through Mexico are worsening the crisis at the U.S. border, and people at ports of entry will feel the strain. (Associated Press) Superhighway facilitating migrants to US border Click Here for Details

DHS Secretary Orders Reinforcements

  Surge to the sudden border to stem flow of illegals Click Here for Story

Migration Report

immigrationSweden to release first migration report since 2005 Click Here for Details

Democrat Loser

Gillibrand has worst Presidential kickoff Click Here for Story



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Tuesday April 2, 2019

Damage Done

Mueller investigation harmed US foreign policy Click Here for Story

Detroit Lawmaker Would Repeal City’s Post-Bankruptcy Financial Oversight

Critic: ‘Lawmakers shouldn’t act like the city’s problems are over’

Another Day, Another Union Scandal

Flower fund scandal now under federal investigation

Australia Goes Full Facist?

Threatens facebook and twitter media execs with jail time for violent content Click Here for Details

Border Closure?

Is it coming? Click Here for Story

Heart of Stone

Mick Jagger getting heart operation Click Here for Details

Chinese Lasers

Photos show Chinese anti satellite base Click Here for Story

Modern Stone Age

  Brunei goes extreme with Islamic code Click Here for Story

Proof Gun Bans Won’t Work

New Zealand gang leaders says they won’t give up their guns Click Here for Details

We Need Justice

Hold Hillary accountable for Russian collusion hoax Click Here for Story



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