Wednesday February 13, 2019 The Daily Drift

Is $1.3 Billion Acceptable?

Deal reached by committee but is it enough for the President and the people? Click Here for Story and Video

Media Smokestack Images And Air Pollution Spin

  Those billowing white clouds coming out aren’t what you may think

Dead Last In Payments to Local Governments And Everything Else

The dangers of relying on outdated data

Another Nut Running for President

Democrat Corey Booker says all Americans must go Vegan? Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber Kelly

Mark Kelly will run for Arizona Senate Click Here for Details


Mueller may not issue a report? Click Here for Details

Senate Finds No Collusion

Why did we spend all this money? Click Here for Story


El Chapo found guilty on all counts Click Here for Details

Empire Falling

Jussie Smollett File PhotoSmoletts story is falling apart?   Click Here for Story

UN Proves it IS Corrupt

Decides to deal with corrupt Venezuelan Maduro instead of legitimate government Click Here for Details

Liar Liar

Kamala Harris caught in another lie? Click Here for Details


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Tuesday February 12, 2019 The Daily Drift

Up Again

Donald Trump is gaining ground in the nation's only daily presidential approval tracking poll, surging to 52 per cent – a higher level of popular support than he had on Election Day 2016 and his best poll showing since less than seven weeks into his presidencyPOTUS approval ratings hit new high despite the best efforst of libs and Mainstream Media to hurt him Click Here for Details

Democrats Finally Turn on Anti-Semite?

Ilhan Omar (Alex Wong / Getty)Democrats now beginning to turn on Rep Omar finally after her many anti-Semitic rants Click Here for Details

Numbers Are In: Coal Kept Furnaces Running During Polar Vortex

Wind production fell 79 percent over three coldest days

Michigan School Funding ‘Dead Last’? Watch That Methodology

Third in a series of how claims about public school revenue claims are often misleading

Wake Up Folks

Watch reactions of students once they learn what is in the New Green Deal Click Here for Story and Video

Moving the Goal Post

Dems aren’t seriously negotiating as they add new demands Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

American confidence in their personal finances is up Click Here for Story


Even experienced Democrat Politicians are falling for the Unicorn world of the New Green Deal Click Here for Details

Texas Will Handle the Wall?

Image result for border wall State legislators in Texas propose wall funding? Click Here for Story

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Monday February 11, 2019 The Daily Drift

Border Crisis Worsens

Central American Caravan Migrants wait to enter U.S. from Mexico. (Photo: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP/Getty Images) Border Agents being overwhelmed Click Here for Details

Democrats Pushing for Another Shutdown?

Demands against ICE causes shutdown on budget talks Click Here for Story

Beating the Dead Horse Scam

  Despite all facts Democrats keep pushing climate scam Click Here for Details


Green Deal is pretty crazy Click Here for Details

Klobuchar Jumps In

Another Democrat throws hat in the 2020 ring Click Here for Story and Video

From The Science Side…

“Door to Hell” has been burning since 1971 Click Here for Story and Video

Show of Force

Stopping the incoming Caravan of Illegals Click Here for Details


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Sunday February 10, 2019

Hmmm About That Green Deal

What vanished from Ocasio-Cortez website Click Here for Story

Avoiding Vaccines Can Cause This

Are schools vulnerable to disease due to more students unvaccinated? Click Here for Story

No Surprise: Public Spending Lower After Deep ‘One-State Recession’

However, overall state spending has increased nine consecutive years

Phony Attack?

Chicago police say they will charge Smollett if his accusation is false Click Here for Story


Warren Running

Elizabeth Warren announces Presidential bid Click Here for Details

Bezos Karma?

Bezos cries foul on invasion of his privacy while invading everyone else’s? Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Democrats

Paying reparations to illegals? Click Here for Story





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The Drift Radio Show February 9, 2019

The Drift Radio Show February 9, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss the State of the Union Speech and the New Green Deal put forth by Democrats Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday February 9, 2019

Are Democrats Really This Stupid?

The Green Deal…idiotic and immoral Click Here for Story

Getting a Hold on PFAS

Air Force says it will get proactive on PFAS water contamination issues Click Here for Details

Warning: Michigan School Finance Is Complicated

It’s also confusing, and spending interests often don’t tell the whole story

This IS Socialism

Venezuela block bridge to stop aid for its people suffering from the adverse effects of socialism Click Here for Details


Acting AG Whitaker isn’t playing with Rep Nadler  Click Here for Story and Video

POTUS at 50

Approval ratings climbing for President Click Here for Details

BUSTED: What Adam Schiff is Hiding

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee's Russia investigation, speaks to reporters, on Capitol Hill in Washington, during a break in the Committee's questioning of President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)Leading the Intel committee to investigate while he has his own questionable connectioins to the investigation Click Here for Story

Walls Work

Stopping disease by stopping illegal unchecked immigration Click Here for Details


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Friday February 8, 2019

Karma for Democrats

Top 3 Dems in Virginia all involved in Scandal Click Here for Details

Democrats Show Their Disdain for Americans

Congresswoman tells teen on twitter to be afraid?  Click Here for Story

Drivers Will Pay More At Pump If Oil, Gas Pipeline Shut Down

Estimates vary on the effects of closing Mackinac Straits pipeline

Democrats Embrace Socialism?

New Green Deal is the epitome of how socialism can ruin a country Click Here for Details

More Liberal Hypocrisy

Joy Behar also in the racial crosshairs? Click Here for Story

Gun Grabbers

  Democrats in the House plan on going after your guns Click Here for Details

Voters Reject Medicare for All?

Kamala Harris (David McNew / Getty)  In California of all places?  Click Here for Story






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Thursday February 7, 2019

  Well Received…

Three-quarters approve of Trump speech: polls75% of Americans approved of President’s SOTU speech Click Here for Detais

Pathetic Press

Well delivered and quality SOTU speech leaves little for the press to pick at Click Here for Details

Full Video of 2019 State of the Union

Click Here for Video

The Free-market Case for a Clean Slate

Clean-slate laws help people reintegrate into the workforce

Will Your Furnace Turn On When Utilities Abandon Gas And Coal?

Polar vortex exposes risk with all-renewables approach to energy

Childish Democrats

Who refuse to attend the State of the Union? Click Here for Details

Tactical Move?

Image: Migrants wait in line to get into buses during their journey towards the United States, in SaltilloPentagon shuffling troops to meet caravans at border Click Here for Story

Life Matters

  Sen Schumer and Democrats support killing of babies Click Here for Details

Democrats Love Socialism

But are afraid to embrace it in front of the cameras? Click Here for Story and Video


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Wednesday February 6, 2019

State of The Union

Click Here for the latest on President Trump’s State of the Union speech Click Here for Details

Mueller Report: Is It Near?

Possibly within a month or just another ruse? Click Here for Details

Crazyness in Lake Superior

Who surfs Michigan great lake in winter? Click Here for Story

Having Won Once, Reformers Want Even-Year Grand Rapids Elections

One official says their lower turnout makes odd-year elections look like suppression

Know Nothing Nancy

Speaker Pelosi quotes non-existent Bible passage? Click Here for Details

RBG in Public?

Allegedly Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears in public but magically there are no pictures or video? Click Here for Story

Ignore The Truth

Maxine Waters begs Americans not to watch the President’s SOTU Click Here for Details and Video

Child Trafficking

Human smuggling IS happening at the border Click Here for Story

New York Exodus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference at his Midtown Manhattan office, September 14, 2018 in New York City. Cuomo discussed his primary night election victory as well as a range of other topics. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)Democrat values are destroying New York state financially Click Here for Details

How to Destroy the United States

Democrats New Green Deal is no deal for the average American Click Here for Story



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Tuesday February 5, 2019

Not Looking Out for Americans

Dems now pushing Obama era aid for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Diversity Programs Big Business at U-M

University pays $11 million to 93 diversity program administrators

Get Used to It

The wonderful world of energy rationing

The Ultimate in Stupidity

Nope its not Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

Russia’s New Weapon

Hallucinating and vomiting are effects Click Here for Details

Jabba The Putz Weighs In on Northam Scandal

 Michael Moore chastises Dems for electing a moderate Democrat? Click Here for Story

The Price of Pro Choice

Northam’s racist photos released due to his stand for abortion ? Click Here for Details

Democrats Always Embrace Blackface

Long list of liberals who have used black face for comedy and other situations Click Here for Story

Eating Their Own?

Lt Governor of Virginia now facing his own scandal? Click Here for Details

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