Monday August 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

What’s This Bernie?

Sanders campaign staffers manhandling the press? Click Here for Story

Look Behind The Raw Numbers On Michigan Police Pay

In one Kent County city, officers make almost 50% more than average household

More Revenue in Lansing Seems Like a Higher Priority To Gov. Whitmer Than Fixing The Roads

It’s more about raising taxes than it is about roads

What Happened?

Former inmate at where Epstein was kept adds to the rumors Click Here for Details

Hoekstra for New DNI?

Hoekstra emerges as favorite for top intelligence postFormer Michigan Congressman in the running for top intel post Click Here for Story

Eye on Portland

Will violence erupt as left and right extremists meet? Click Here for Details

Common Sense or Common Ground on Gun Legislation?

What would be acceptable to those who support the 2nd Amendment and those who want gun control? Click Here for Details

Death Facts

More people die by hammer than rifles Click Here for Story

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Sunday August 11, 2019 The Daily Drift

Was It Suicide?

How did Epstein die wasn’t he on suicide watch? Click Here for Details

River Rouge Not A Large School District, But Superintendent Paid $258k 

There’s a discrepancy between the amount reported by the district and by pension officials

Heads Must Roll

Senator Sasse wants accountability in death of Epstein Click Here for Story

Ontario’s Energy Woes Should Be a Warning

Providing affordable and reliable electricity requires more than just good intentions

The Epstein Documents

Unsealed records hav some bombshells Click Here for Details

The Korean Problem

Military exercises are an interference for progress on de-nuclearization? Click Here for Story

Universal Scraps Controversial Film

The Hunt has been canceled for release? Click Here for Details

ICE Raids

Are Mississippi raids just the beginning? Click Here for Story

Was Epstein Murdered?

People close to him believe so Click Here for Details

Birds of a Feather

Elon Musk backs Andrew Yang for President Click Here for Story




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The Drift Radio Show August 10, 2019

The Drift Radio Show August 10, 2019

Join hosts Ed Bonderenka and Alex Wassell as they discuss news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday August 10, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Tough Luck Joe

Biden’s long legacy is coming back to bite him Click Here for Details

Whitmer Coy On ‘Medicare For All,’ But Went Extra Mile For Obamacare’s Medicaid

A parliamentary maneuver that raised eyebrows

Media Out of Line in Criticizing POTUS

President and First Lady meet infant of parents killed in El Paso and the MSM goes crazy Click Here for Details

Bruce Ohr Info

DOJ releases note from Bruce Ohr interview Click Here for Details

Russian Nuke Disaster?

The backs of the vehicles appeared to be wrapped in a protective film amid concern over radiation seeping out from the vehiclesIs Russia covering up a nuclear missile disaster? Click Here for Story

The Real America Problem?

Liberal Supremacy Click Here for Details

Joe the Moron

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Wants to Flood America with immigrants ( And New Democrat Voters) Click Here for Story and Video

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Friday August 9, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Softer Side

POTUS shows the side of him  the media doesn’t want to acknowledge or report Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Alarm?

The Ann Arbor Police Department has released surveillance images of a suspicious incident that occurred about 7:45 p.m. July 25 at the city's water treatment plant, 919 Sunset Road.Woman sought for unauthorized entry of the water treatment plant Click Here for Story

Dear Michigan Press: Where’s the Tax-Hike Fever?

Suggesting to reduce tax rates is apparently evidence of a malady

Whitmer Coy On ‘Medicare For All,’ But Went Extra Mile For Obamacare’s Medicaid

A parliamentary maneuver that raised eyebrows

Mass Knife Attack in Cali

Four dead in brutal attack Click Here for Details

Twitter’s Bias Against Mitch McConnell Will Cost Them?

GOP to pull ad funding to twitter Click Here for Story

Iran Fooling Shipping Traffic So They Can Pirate?

A speedboat of the Iran's Revolutionary Guard moves around a British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero, which was seized on Friday by the Guard, in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, Sunday, July 21, 2019. Iranian officials say the seizure of the British oil tanker was a justified response to Britain's role in impounding an Iranian supertanker two weeks earlier off the coast of Gibraltar, a British territory located on the southern tip of Spain. (Hasan Shirvani/Mizan News Agency via AP) Jamming GPS to make ships wander into Iranian waters Click Here for Details

Foxes at the Wall

 Prophecy fulfilled in Jerusalem? Click Here for Story

Biden Wants Your Guns

 Joe Biden is showing his true socialist colors and wants to disarm Americans Click Here for Details

To Be President of Who?

Beto O’Rourke again shows he cares more for Mexico than the US Click Here for Story


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Wednesday August 7, 2019 The Daily Drift

Democrats Keep Pushing 2nd Amendment Restrictions?

Dems risk losing midwestern voters over gun control? Click Here for Details

Slippery Slope?

Michigan Dems push extreme risk bills? Click Here for Story

Renewables Get Far More Federal Subsidies Than Coal

Taxpayers paid $3.5 billion to wind and solar, $1.26 billion to coal

Eye On Google

US government will be watching Google for election interference Click Here for Story

Uncouth Obama

Quick to criticize although Bush never criticized his admin during shootings Click Here for Details

Chicken Little Rules Wall Street Pundits?

Is market being unjustly destabilized by the media? Click Here for Details

UK Joins US in Gulf

 Securing the Strait of Hormuz against Iranian aggression Click Here for Story

The Death of Journalism

NY Times bows to leftist pressure on a headline of Unity by the President Click Here for Details

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Tuesday August 6, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Hypocrisy of the Liberals

 The words of Mother Teresa say a lot about death,  killing and the liberal mentality Click Here for Details

Ohio Shooter A Democrat

While the left wants to blame Conservatives the Ohio Shooter was a registered Democrat Click Here for Story

End of An Era

Oakland County’s L. Brooks Patterson to be paid to rest Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Not Really Against Student Learning And Better Teachers, Right?

Look beyond the label on resolutions defeated at NEA’s annual meeting

Conservative Activist Leads Baltimore Clean Up Team

Scott Pressler responded positively to POTUS tweets leading 250 volunteers to help clean Baltimore Click Here for Details

Stock Market Pushes Correction

Trade war between China and the US pushes stock market downward Click Here for Details

Red Flag Bill

Common Sense or Slippery Slope? Click Here for Details

Currency Manipulator!

Trump Admin designates China as a currency manipulator as trade tensions increase Click Here for Details

The Left Continues to Exploit Shootings

 Blaming POTUS for votes Click Here for Details  and Here for More Info

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Monday August 5, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Ohio Shooter Identified

Another mentally disturbed person or a grudge? Click Here for Details

TDS Presidential Candidates Already Blaming

And You can guess who easily Click Here for Story

Teacher’s Union: Yes to Reparations, No to Impeachment, Yes to Abortion

NEA’s annual conference resolutions are revealing

Unequal Funding,’ Claims Report — And Leaves Out Major Share Of School Revenue

Report on financial disparities ignores federal funds that help poor communities

The Issue No One Wants to Tackle

Budget deal is highly irresponsible spending Click Here for Details

El Paso Killer Was A White Supremacist?

Motive was hate Click Here for Story

POTUS Speaks Out

No place for Hate in our country Click Here for Details

 Guess Who IS Influencing the 2020 Democrat Primary?

Hamas and other Islamic hate groups Click Here for Story


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Sunday August 4, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Shooting in Dayton

10 dead including the shooter Click Here for Story

Shooting in El Paso

Walmart shoppers targeted Click Here for Details

Beach Disaster

Cliff collapses in California Click Here for Story

Cut the Budget, Raise Taxes or Wait

The forgotten option of the Michigan road funding debate

Michigan Marijuana Offenders Languishing In Prison? Bills Would Change That

Just-signed New York law automatically clears records of past offenders

Who Would Pay?

Dem candidate wants to pay every US adult $1000 a month but who would pay for it? Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

More record employment for the black community Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh AOC?

Saikat Chakrabarti Campaign Finance Violations Feds looking at AOC’s Chief of Staff? Click Here for Story

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The Drift Radio Show August 3, 2019

The Drift Radio Show August 3, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and  Ed Bonderenka as they discuss this weeks Democrat debates, Baltimore and the fight between Rep Elijah Cummings and POTUS as well as other news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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