Saturday April 4, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Media Politicizing Corona Crisis

Critics of POTUS don’t want daily Corona press briefings covered Click Here for Details

Not Just Older People

Younger Patients Make Up Big % of Covid-19 patients in Michigan Click Here for Details 

Veteran Economist: Extended Downturn Also Risks Lives, Social Unrest, Despondency

David Littmann praises virus response to date; says fiscal challenges require we save more

Democrats Want Destruction

MSM and the Democrats are celebrating the Corona Crisis Click Here for Details

Michigan Unemployment Claims Almost Triple Previous High

From 5,338 per week to 311k; restaurants that once employed 292k mostly shut down

Trump Fan?

Governor Newsom won’t talk smack about POTUS Click Here for Story

The Trail to Wuhan

Virus may have come from a Chinese lab not a market? Click Here for Details

Corona 5G Conspiracy?

Theory blames 5G technology for virus? Click Here for Details

COVID-19 Pushes Unemployment

A sign post in the window of a Main Street business in Walnut Creek, California, March 24, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Record levels due to ordered shutdowns Click Here for Story

The Upside of Pandemic

It will bring manufacturing home and stop globalism? Click Here for Details

Pinocchio Joe

Joe Biden is racking up the Pinocchios with all his lies Click Here for Story

Russia Shut Down Till April 30th

Corona has hit all countries Click Here for Details

Checks Should Not Be Slow

Secretary Mnuchin disputes reports stimulus checks will take months Click Here for Details

California Arrests Paddle Boarder

Violating stay at home to surf is wrong in CA Click Here for Details

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Friday April 3, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Stay At Home Orders Strengthened in Michigan

Coronavirus Fines as high as $1000 are instituted Click Here for Story

Corona Testing Flawed

Some believe 30% of test results showing negative could be wrong? Click Here for Details

Michigan Will Not Re-open for this School Year

Governor orders schools to stay closed Click Here for Story

Nessel: Offering Unavailable Masks At $2.39 Legal; Offering Them At $9.95 A Crime

‘Price gouging’ a politician’s word; going from shortages to no product at any price

Odd Attack

California man tries to ram US Medical ship Mercy with a train locomotive Click Here for Details

The Safety Net Already There: Unemployment Insurance

Funded in good times and there in the bad

Unemployment Skyrockets

Layoffs from Corona Virus shutdown blow unemployment claims through the roof Click Here for Details

Bad Actor

After infecting the world with Corona virus China gets militarily aggressive with its South Seas neighbors Click Here for Details

Biden Loves His Illegals

Putting illegals on a path to citizenship to the detriment of US Citizens? Click Here for Details

The Fear Mongerer?

 Chris Cuomo tells his Covid 19 experience but is he hyping it for personal gain? Click Here for Story

Trump Was Right Again

The US needs to bring manufacturing of many more necessities home Click Here for Story

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Thursday April 2, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The WHO Can No Longer Be Trusted

World Health Organization protecting China cost the world thousands of lives Click Here for Details

Kudos to Kroger

Grocery chain gives another bonus to hard working employees Click Here for Story

Democrats Look to Impeach Over Corona Virus?

The next coup attempt is on Click Here for Details

State of Michigan Bans Day Care Providers From Giving Young Children Timeouts

‘This is not about children; it’s about increasing government control’

Hiding the Truth

US Intel now knows China is hiding real Corona Virus numbers Click Here for Story

Educators Step Up to Fill Distance Learning Gap

District, charter, private schools adapt while state officials wait

What Is Iran Up To?

Is a sneak attack on US forces in the works? Click Here for Details

Florida Goes Full Lockdown

Stay at Home order extends to the entire state Click Here for Story

Spending Spree

Democrats look at Corona Crisis to mount a spending spree?  Click Here for Details

Beware The Price of Pandemic

Giving up civil liberties could be more dangerous than the pandemic Click Here for Story

Remote Vote?

Democrats push vote by mail ? Click Here for Details


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Wednesday April 1, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

April Fools Day

Not so funny this year

WHO Cover Up?

Did the World health Organization help China hides the dangers of the Wuhan Virus? Click Here for Details

Michigan Update on Corona Virus

Click Here for Details

Sniffing Out Corona

Dogs being trained to smell Corona Virus infection Click Here for Details

Feds Permit Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients, State Has Not Rescinded Threat Of Sanctions

FDA’s chief scientist: ‘Based on the totality of scientific evidence … may be effective’

One Celebrity With Common Sense

Mark Cuban Says POTUS is doing a great job? Click Here for Details

Higher Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Colleges will continue to face some major challenges

US Surpasses China’s Virus Death Toll?

Or have we? Click Here for Details

CNN’s Cuomo Gets Wuhan Flu

CNN Anchor diagnosed with Corona Virus Click Here for Story

Porkulus Was Necessary Evil?

Most Americans support the Corona Stimulus but know it contains pork Click Here for Details

Iran Hotspot

Medics treat a patient infected with the new coronavirus, at a hospital in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, March 8, 2020. With the approaching Persian New Year, known as Nowruz, officials kept up pressure on people not to travel and to stay home. Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour, who gave Iran's new …15,000 dead in Iran from Wuhan Virus? Click Here for Story

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Denmark becoming a Muslim country Click Here for Details

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The Drift Radio March 31, 2020

The Drift Radio March 31, 2020

Join host Gary Wellings and guest Joe Lenard as they discuss Corona virus, quarantining, politics and other news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Tuesday March 31, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Small Business Help Available Friday?

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says small business loans should be available by Friday Click Here for Details

Stay Home and Stay Distant

Avoiding and limiting contact is key in keeping death toll down Click Here for Story

Never Mind Lockdown, Dentists Shut Down By Demand For Masks

If suppliers could raise prices surgical masks might not disappear so fast

Capitalism At Work

Another new testing is soon to be available Click Here for Details

Union Handout in the Coronavirus Stimulus Act

Congress should be focused on the health and economic safety of the country

COVID-19 Was Present Earlier Than Thought?

New study says the disease may have been around the world earlier than December Click Here for Details

Part of Florida Gets Stay at Home Order

South Florida gets Governor order to stay at home Click Here for Details

Pelosi Keeps Politicizing Pandemic

Speaker trying to blame POTUS for Corona Virus deaths depsite his early actions Click Here for Story

China Lying and People Are Still Dying?

A nurse walks in an area where doctors take video calls from patients suffering various symptoms and illnesses, to avoid crowding at Xuhui District Hospital in Shanghai on March 9, 2020. - China reported 22 new deaths on March 9 from the new coronavirus epidemic, and the lowest number of …New reports say China is covering up death numbers and lying about recovery Click Here for Details

Invisible War?

Its not just the virus were fighting there are other invisible enemies Click Here for Story

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Monday March 30, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

DeBlasio Caught in His  Hypocrisy

Jake Tapper calls out DeBlasio Click Here for Story

MSM Carries China’s Water

Parroting Chinese talking points Click Here for Details

Whitmer Leads Disaster Hype?

Cautious or just politicizing? Click Here for Story

The Enemy of America?

Americans believe MSM is doing a terrible job on Corona Virus reporting Click Here for Details

History of The Spanish Flu

Revisit the fact of the 1918 Flu Epidemic Click Here for Details

Corona Guidelines Extended?

POTUS suggests extending continued social distancing until end of April Click Here for Story

Not Gonna Happen

US will not be funding Harry and Meghan Click Here for Details

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Sunday March 29, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Hmmm …WHO Says What?

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO).Trump Admin doing a great job Click Here for Story

Disinformation Campaign

China Russia and Iran are putting out false information Click Here for Details

Detroit Auto Show Canceled?

Corona Virus hits another economic victim Click Here for Story

Some Perspective: Michigan is Stronger Today

The state is in a more resilient position to weather an economic storm than at any time before

Michigan Licensing Bureau Vs. Dr. Fauci On Off-Label Coronavirus Treatment

Fauci tells MDs, ‘Yeah, of course’ – prescribe it; state agency threatens their license if they do

Cuomo’s Hypocritical Rhetoric

Is COVID-19 an emergency or not in New York? Click Here for Story

Hiding Joe’s Problems

Media coverage of Corona crisis pushes Biden Burisma investigation to the background Click Here for Story

Guns Are Essential

Outside view of Sunrise Tactical Supply store in Coral Springs, Florida on February 16, 2018 where school shooter Nikolas Cruz bought his AR-15 to gun down students at Marjory Stoneman High School. The heavily armed teenager who gunned down students and adults at a Florida high school was charged Thursday …Gun retailers named as essential retail operations during crisis Click Here for Story

Leftist Lies

MSM slamming a President and Capitalism during a crisis Click Here for Details

 Bannon’s Thoughts on POTUS’s Next Moves

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Saturday March 28, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Congress Passes, POTUS Signs

$2 Trillion Corona Stimulus Bill passes Click Here for Story

Schools Out?

Michigan schools may not re-open for rest of the 2019-2020 school year Click Here for Details

Michigan Licensing Bureau Vs. Dr. Fauci On Off-Label Coronavirus Treatment

Fauci tells MDs, ‘Yeah, of course’ – prescribe it; state agency threatens their license if they do


View image on TwitterMichigan Hospital system has planned for rationing care leaked Click Here for Details

What Is An ‘Essential Business’ Under Government Lockdown?

More questions: Why shouldn’t a gift store be able to make deliveries?

America Hater

One Journalist mocking the US during Corona epidemic Click Here for Story

POTUS Forces GM to Make Ventilators

Click Here for Details

Return to Spirtuality?

Will the Corona crisis make people return to their religion? Click Here for Story

How Pork Filled Was It?

How many fingers got into the Corona Stimulus pie? Click Here for Details

Mainstream Media Working with China

A new low for America’s media Click Here for Story

Performing Well

POTUS has addressed the crisis appropriately Click Here for Details

Cuomo Misleading?

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 27: New York Gov Andrew Cuomo gives a daily coronavirus press conference in front of media and National Guard members at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which is being turned into a hospital to help fight coronavirus cases on March 27, 2020 in New …Despite complaints to the Federal government not moving fast enough New York state actually has a stock pile of unused ventilators Click Here for Story

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Friday March 27. 20202 TheDailyDrift.Com

Chicago Locks Down

Mayor warns people to stay indoors Click Here for Story

Just Wrong

Dems Used Corona Bill to give money to refugees and immigrants Click Here for Details 

Michigan Corona Numbers

Click Here for Details

Economist: No Sanitizer Because ‘Selfish People Demanding Price Be Held at $1’ Bought It All

Under ‘price gouging’ bans, after the lucky first few, ‘everyone else gets nothing’

Problem for Biden?

Or will Mainstream Media ignore it? Click Here for Details

Reporting or Promoting?

Why transparency of business subsidy programs shouldn’t be controlled by administrators

First Mission

Space Force launches first mission Click Here for Details

Europe Medical System Not so Good?

Embedded ImageSpain is following Italy’s track for Coronavirus deaths Click Here for Story

Killing the Economy Will Kill People Too

Crashing the economy could have its own death toll Click Here for Details

Michigan Fascist

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 16: Dana Nessel, attorney for plaintiffs April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, talks to the news media about U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's decision today to send a case that could possibly have overturned Michigan's ban on same-sex marriages to trial instead of making an immediate ruling …Attorney General for Michigan urges residents to turn in stay at home violators Click Here for Story

Hollywood Dividing America

Hollywood Icon Steven Spielberg funding a divisive PAC Click Here for Details

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