The News YOU Need to Know Thursday August 11, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Primary Results

More wins for Trump endorsed candidates Click Here for Story

Dirty Merrick

DOJ Pursuing 'Wide-Ranging Investigation' Into Capitol Riot: Garland

The country’s Attorney General is about as lawless as they come Click Here for Details

With 87K new IRS agents, middle class can expect more audits

Joint Committee on Taxation says nearly 60% of the new taxes will come from people making $50K or less Read more

Twitter Employed Saudi Spy

Your information was going to the Saudis Click Here for Story

Michigan charter schools allege sneak attack, sue feds over grants

Lawsuit claims U.S. Education Department is trying to lessen charter schools’ access to grant monies, not facilitate it

Targeting the Political Opposition

What did Biden know about the Un-Constitutional raid on President Trump’s home Click Here for Story

Fox News IS NOT Your Conservative Friend

The Mudoch kids are quite clearly not America First supporters Click Here for Details

IRS WILL Target You

Biden Admin won’t guarantee they won’t audit those making under $400,000. Click Here for Story

Democrats Can’t Define Woman

Every single Democrat Senator refuses to say its only women who can get pregnant Click Here for Details

An Epstein Judge?

Judge Bruce Reinhart was appointed by who? The Florida man who ordered the  FBI to raid the Trump residence

How coincidental that the judge who signed off on Trump raid was an employee of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Click Here for Story


Democrats will use the courts to win elections they actually lose? Click Here for Details

Show Us the Warrant

Judicial Watch files motion to unseal the warrant used to raid Mar-A-Lago. Why was it sealed? Click Here for Story

Even Cuomo Sees the Raid on Trump as Fascism

Ex- Governor knows if it can be done to Trump it can be done to anyone ?Click Here for Details

Inflation Reduction Act? Its Anything But That..

NYC ex commissioner knows its a power grab by Democrats designed to control the average American Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Panicking?

Admin claims it wasn’t them pushing the Mar-A-Lago raid Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday August 10, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Weaponized Government or Political Theater?

Outrageous political behavior from the Biden DOJ and FBI as they raid a former President’s residence Click Here for Story

Michigan Has Its Own Attorney General Problem

Michigan AG Dana Nessel continues threatening political opponents? Click Here for Details

UN Wants Complete Globbal Control?

A command economy that controls the food controls the world? Click Here for Story

Guess What Judge Signed Off on Mar-a-Lago Raid?

Judge previously worked for Jeffrey Epstein Click Here for Story

Lenawee County commissioner listed himself as beneficiary in Phoenix Project

Publicly, David Stimpson said he wouldn’t benefit. But in documents to the feds, he listed his companies as beneficiaries

Bad Day for Gretchen Whitmer?

Michigan Governor had a really bad day Click Here for Details

Mar-A-Lago Raid was Un-Constitutional

Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz says the raid was outrageous and Un-Constitutional Click Here for Story

Investigate and Impeach Merrick Garland

US AG has shown he is nothing but a political hack Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Yes its crashing and getting worse Click Here for Details

Lying About the Border

Secretary Mayorkas is lying about the border crisis Click Here for Story

Can We Be Rid of Ilhan Omar?

A centrist is running against extremist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Click Here for Details

Time for States to Step Up

Banning Federal agents is something States may have to do to regain control and sanity in the country Click Here for Story

Completely Uneducated

When the Biden Admin says Roe V Wade is Un-Constitutional its an admission that they don’t know the Constitution Click Here for Details

We Are Now Officially a Banana Republic

When the Democrats use government agencies to try and stop their political rivals its no different than a third world dictatorship Click Here for Story

Useless Republican Leadership

Why aren’t Republican leaders stepping up to denounce to political attack on Trump by Biden’s DOJ and FBI? Click Here for Details

Republican Senators Owe Americans An Apology

20 Republican Senators voted to confirm Merrick Garland as AG. They should have known he was a lawless political hack Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday August 9, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dirty Dana?

Michigan AG requests special prosecutor investigate opponent for voting  machine access | The Hill

Michigan Attorney General uses her office to go after political rivals? Click Here for Details

Don’t Celebrate The Small Decrease in Gas Price

Still way higher under Biden than Trump and ready to go higher again Click Here for Story

Not Reliable

Georgia’s voting system is clearly showing voter fraud and an incompetent system Click Here for Details

Targeting YOU

Democrats just approved hiring another 87,000 IRS agents to target working Americans Click Here for Details

Two years later, Michigan has 125K fewer jobs than it did before lockdowns

1 in 3 Michigan businesses faced a government-mandated closure in 2020

Yet Another Pervert Teacher

Public education gets sicker by the day Click Here for Details

Students at Michigan colleges receive varying state support

UM-Ann Arbor gets $13,000 per in-state student; Oakland University gets about $10,000 lessRead more

How The Inflation Reduction Act Will Hurt the US

Higher taxes, higher inflation and more regulation when the country can least afford it Click Here for Story

Karma: Making The Liberal Education System Pay

Library funding gets chopped by voters after the woke agenda gets shown Click Here for Story

The Last Best Hope…

If America fails there is no hope for the freedom of the world Click Here for Story

Proof Its Bad Legislation

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20: Bill Gates spoke at Goalkeepers 2017, at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

If Bill Gates endorses anything you can bet its good for him and bad for the rest of us Click Here for Details

Did Mitch Get Played or Did Mitch Get Paid?

Was McConnell incompetent in getting played by Schumer or was he in on it? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Subpar Education System

Tudor Dixon has a plan to fix Michigan’s failing education system? Click Here for Details

Ruining the Economy

Capitalism works better than any other system but Democrats think they know better…they don’t and the economy shows it Click Here for Story

Don’t Believe Democrats

They’ll try to distance themselves from Biden, Pelosi and the bad economy but don’t be fooled it’s their fault Click Here for Details

2nd Attempt

The Corrupt Federal government will try again to convict two men who were led astray by undercover FBI agents Click Here for Story


Democrats like to make Americans feel pain Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday August 8, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Exposing the Democrat Legislative Hypocrisy

Democrats give big pass to the ultra wealthy in their “Tax the Rich” plan after stating otherwise for years? Click Here for Story

Calling Out the Lying Biden Admin

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre? Meet Biden's new press secretary |

Changing definitions doesn’t undo the damage inflicted by Democrat policies Click Here for Details

Rules for Thee But Not for Me…

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau spikes his giant carbon footprint with a maskless vacation for hiim and his family while Canadians suffer Click Here for Story

Are Michigan’s corporate giveaways masking the state’s real problem?

Why do Michigan’s biggest companies require state subsidies to expand here?

Democrats Hurting Small Businesses ….Again

Latest version of Democrat bill makes even more problems for struggling American small business owners Click Here for Details

Its NOT Inflation Reduction

Bernie Sanders condemns Joe Manchin for sabotaging president's agenda | Joe  Biden | The Guardian

Even Bernie knows the Democrat spending bill isn’t meant to halt or reduce inflation Click Here for Story

Democrats Have Sold Out California to the Cartels?

Cartel profits are booming thanks to Biden’s open border and Democrat policies in California welcome illegals, drugs and human trafficking Click Here for Story

More Biden Money Laundering?

Biden Admin set to send another billion in weapons package with no oversight and without Congress Click Here for Story

Worsening Economy

70% of Americans expect the US economy to get worse Click Here for Details

British Revolution?

75,000 Brits say they won’t pay their power bills if UK increases costs again Click Here for Story

Time to End the Fed?

US Federal Reserve rate decision: 4 things to watch | Financial Times

Steve Bannon calls out the Federal Reserve for what it is Click Here for Details

Unworthy of Office


There's No Good Reason FBI Director Chris Wray Still Has a Job | The Nation

BI Director Wray is quite simply a liar and a high powered criminal? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday August 7, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com


Democrats set to punish American taxpayers with more outrageous spending Click Here for Story

Will Work for Food?

Would North Korea send troops to help Russia in Ukraine in exchange for grain and fuel? Click Here for Details

Michigan government lacking in transparency

The Mackinac Center supports the right of the people to know what their governments are doing

A Taste of the Border Disaster

Democrat cities are crying about a few illegals bussed into their cities while border towns are decimated Click Here for Story

Now Polio Is Back

Are immune systems now compromised or is mass illegal immigration bringing diseases back to the USA? Click Here for Story

Jobs Report Has a Hidden Issue

More job creation is because people are taking second jobs to afford to live under Bidenflation? Click Here for Details

The Left is Going Full Nazi

PM Orban calls it like we see it, the left is pushing tyranny Click Here for Story

Democrat Covid Hypocrisy

In order to get their votes in the Senate Democrats tell Senators don’t test for Covid if you think you’re sick? Click Here for Story

Changing History

Woke agenda is distorting the history of America’s founders Click Here for Story

Conservatives Need to Play Smarter

Democrats fight hard for their insane agenda and Republicans better learn to Click Here for Details

EVs Have Their Own Issues

Not the solution the media and left want you to believe Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday August 6, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Deep State Scumbag

Joe: GOP has become so radical that Liz, Dick Cheney are considered  so-called 'RINOs'

Elitist scumbag Dick Cheney crawls out of his hole to bad mouth Trump and protect his deep state syndicate Click Here for Story

Make The Liberals Feel The Pain Average Americans Feel

Texas sends bus load of migrants to New York City Click Here for Details

FBI Hiding Pipe Bomber Identity?

Once again we see the FBI knows more about and may be involved in criminal activity Click Here for Story

Grand Blanc schools: Cameras in classrooms would violate student privacy

School cellphone policies will be more strictly enforced as parents call for more classroom access

Fed Up With California Nonsense

California’s San Bernardino County will add secession question from State of California to its ballot Click Here for Details

Senator Sinema Says Yes to Bankrupting America?

She will now support more additional spending that American taxpayers cannot afford Click Here for Story

Hiding Behind His Alleged Covid Diagnosis?

Biden still has “Covid” and is in more “Isolation” Click Here for Details

China’s Hurt Feelings

Will China amp up the military response or just the rhetoric over Pelosi visit to Taiwan? Click Here for Story

Trump Sweeps Arizona?

Trump backed candidates sweep primaries in Arizona despite more election irregularities Click Here for Story

Time to Fix Wisconsin?

Can Wisconsin be put on the right path like Arizona ? Click Here for Details

Self-Serving Democrats

Every policy Democrats put into place is designed with only one purpose in mind…to keep them in power Click Here for Story

Democrats Have Lied Again

Inflation Reduction Act will not reduce inflation it will make things worse, far worse Click Here for Details

UnHoly Alliance

A corrupt CDC was colluding with Big Tech according to documents Click Here for Story

Your Government IS Controlled By Uni-Party Socialists

60% of the Federal government bureaucracy are Democrats so its now wonder the system is now completely partisan Click Here for Details

Think Taxes Are Bad Now? Just Wait

The Inflation Reduction Act is giving billions to the IRS to come after YOU! Click Here for Details

Dracul and Vlad the Impaler?

An interesting story with roots in truth Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday August 5, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Make the FBI Answer for Its Corruption

FBI-Sexual Misconduct

Why does the FBI investigate non-crimes by conservatives but ignores actual crimes by liberals? Click Here for Details

Destroying Our Economy…On Purpose

Why are Democrats seemingly intending to tank the US economy Click Here for Story

CPAC scorecard: Michigan lawmakers least conservative in Midwest

How do your lawmakers rate? Read more

Coral Reefs Doing Much Better?

Despite climate crisis scams the oceans coral reefs seem to be improving? Click Here for Details

Voters approve $30M in debt for Holland broadband proposal

Past public internet projects have left taxpayers on the hook

Fighting Back Against Lawless AGs

FL Governor Ron DeSantis suspends Soros funded prosecutor who is not enforcing laws in Florida Click Here for Details

Can They Get Any Dirtier?

FBI still hunting Jan. 6 suspects, pipe bomber a year later

FBI supervisor who ran the phony Whitmer kidnapping is behind the J 6th sham investigation Click Here for Story

Payback for Manchin

Pet project is Joe Manchin’s reward for helping the Democrats increase inflation? Click Here for Story

Yes Virginia, It WILL Make Inflation Worse?

Once again the Democrats pass a bill that won’t deliver what it promises it will do the opposite Click Here for Story

Bad Bed Fellows?

New York Times is awful close to China Click Here for Story

Arizona’s 3rd World Election

Modern technology and bad election rules are making American elections worse than 3rd world countries Click Here for Details

Words Don’t Match Actions

Biden Admin says they won’t allow Iran to have nuclear weapons but their actions are enabling them Click Here for Story

Not So Cool After All?

Democrat Cities not sp supportive of illegal immigration after they begin to get flooded with illegal migrants Click Here for Details

Fauci and NIH Hiding Info on Gain of Function Research?

It looks more and more like the NIH and Fauci funded the Covid virus? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday August 4, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Will Oppose Marijuana Legalization?

Despite Democrat support in the House and Senate could marijuana get a veto from Biden? Click Here for Story

Manchin Doesn’t Represent His Voters

Republicans Line Up To Challenge Joe Manchin in 2024

He’s being bankrolled by sources other than his West Virginia constituency, businesses and voters? Click Here for Story

Its On!

Tudor Dixon wins Michigan GOP governor race, NBC News projects

Tudor Dixon will face off against Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan Click Here for Details

Detroit’s Election Shenanigans

Seems like nothing has changed in corrupt Detroit as absentee ballots without signatures are showing up and being counted? Click Here for Details

What you need to know about ESG

The road to hell is paved with bad investments

NEEDS to Be Done

Republicans want to stop China from buying up American land Click Here for Story

Damn Straight!

Daughter of the biggest RINO says Arizona has gone full blow MAGA Click Here for Story

Too Close to Call in AZ?

With election fraud evident again the Governor’s primary in Arizona is still too close to call Click Here for Details

Targeting Farmers

AMSTERDAM, the NETHERLANDS - JULY 23: Demonstrators attend a rally of the Netherland In Resistance group sympathizers to support farmers, fishermen and truckers, on Dam Square in Amsterdam on July 23, 2022. (Photo by Mohamed Farouk Batiche/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Dutch police beat protesting farmers Click Here for Story

Democrats Trying to Stop Election Integrity

Biden and Soros oppose voter ID and other measure that would ensure fair and free elections because that would make it harder for the Democrats to cheat Click Here for Details

In The Hotseat

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the final decision maker on the allgeded “inflation Reduction Act” which will actually make inflation worse for Americans Click Here for Story

Biden and Democrats On The Wrong Side of Kids

Pushing children to change sex is just wrong and most of the world knows it but not US Democrats Click Here for Details

Good Riddance Peter Meijer

Rep. Peter Meijer beaten by far-right challenger John Gibbs

Michigan didn’t need super RINO Peter Meijer in Congress but John Gibbs will be a welcome addition Click Here for Story

Continued Weaponizing at the DOJ

Corrupt Merrick Garland is doing the dirty work for the Biden Admin to try and stop Right to Life States Click Here for Details

Could Pennsylvania Go Red?

Thousands of Dems are becoming Republicans Click Here for Story

No DNA Confirmation on Ayman al-Zawahiri

Did the Biden Admin proclaim success to early ? Click Here for Details

Pelosi Visit Speaks Volumes…About Joe Biden

However one feels about the trip it shows Biden is beholden to China Click Here for Details

More Distrust in the Medical Community

Fake studies on Alzheimers just makes the medical establishment look even less trustworthy than they already are Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday August 3, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com


More people buying guns as the Democrats try to take them away Click Here for Story

Pelosi Visits Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan

What will the Chinese response be after their multiple threats? Click Here for Details

Michigan Primary Results

Click Here for Details

Arizona Primary Results

Click Here for Details

Democrats Taxing YOU!

The Schumer Manchin bill will hit most Americans right in the pocket book Click Here for Story

Corruption Grows in Washington DC

Now the SEC is discovering corruption Click Here for Details

Whitmer admits: 25,000 auto jobs in Michigan were projected, not created

Whitmer’s claim of 25,000 new auto jobs has been fact-checked and found wanting, by a multitude of sources

Could Marijuana Finally Get Its Day?

Senate introduces legislation to lift Federal prohibitions Click Here for Story

State Board of Education member resigns, leaves Michigan

When people who know Michigan’s educational offerings best decide their future is elsewhere, we should be concerned Read more

Brainwashed Child?

When society turns children against their parents its disturbing Click Here for Story

Fighting the Vaccine Mandates

Chicago based North Shore Health System must now pay workers for their idiot policy of Covid vax mandates Click Here for Details

California Goes Full Energy Suicide?

Decides to halt any new federal oil and gas drilling Click Here for Story


It will get worse and expect double digit inflation this fall due to Democrats and Joe Biden policies Click Here for Details

EV Failure

Electric bus fails to climb hill endangering passengers Click Here for Story

It IS Soros Fault

Crime wave which has cost lives is the direct result of George Soros supporting soft on crime District Attorneys Click Here for Details

WHY Is This Allowed

China is buying US property at a rapid rate and it is endangering our economy and national security Click Here for Story

Supporting Iran

Iran has made over $44Billion in illegal oil sales since Biden took office Click Here for Details

Manchin Hurting His Own State

Manchin’s legislative actions will hurt the coal industry and West Virginians whom he supposed to serve Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday August 2, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

China Threatens War?

China Raises Stakes Over Pelosi Trip to Taiwan

China angry over possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan Click Here for Story


Inflation so high that people are stealing Spam? Click Here for Details

Farmington schools consultant sees problems with strong family structure

‘Systemic familialism’ is the name for the privilege held by people with intact families

Soros Needs to Be Arrested?

Rise in US crime is directly due to Soros financed prosecutors who ar soft on crime and release criminals? Click Here for Story

China Takes Advantage of Biden’s Open Border

Its not just illegals from South and Central America entering the US its Chinese spies and terrorists? Click Here for Story

Who Deleted Arizona Election Info?

Improperly gained access to election servers and broke the law Click Here for Details

Ballot Trafficking

Election Fraud hasn’t been stopped since the 2020 election? Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Too Much Immigration

The survival of a culture requires that immigration should be slow and measured not unchecked and rampant Click Here for Details

Russia Agreed to Let Grain Leave Ukraine

Zelenskyy observes ships loaded with Ukrainian grain exports | Honolulu  Star-Advertiser

Turkey seems to have brokered an arrangement to help food leave Ukraine Click Here for Story

The 2nd Amendment Works

12 examples of how armed citizens helps protect society Click Here for Details

When the Truth Gets Censored

What is a Recession? - Small Business Trends

US social media is truly “Big Brother” as it censors economists who tell the truth about the US being in recession Click Here for Details

Will Sinema Cave Like Manchin?

Democrats waiting anxiously for Sinema's verdict on tax and climate deal |  The Hill

Will the last Democrat Senator holding off the bankruptcy of America give in to the pressure or put America’s future first? Click Here for Story

Lying Democrats

Colorado Democrats run as “for the working class” but vote for tax increases on average Coloradans Click Here for Details

Why Do They Keep Hiding Covid Data?

More Covid data is disappearing why don’t they want us to see the information Click Here for Story

NOT An Insurrectionist

Proof shows Trump was not pushing for insurrection Click Here for Details

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