The News YOU Need to Know Friday October 23, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Final Debate

Get the details Click Here for Details

Joe IS The Big Guy

Hunter Biden business partner confirms Joe Biden was in on China business dealings Click Here for Story

And Barack Was In On It?

New emails show Barack Obama knew about Joe’s corruption Click Here for Details

Michigan Absent Votes

Huge Absentee voter demand in Michigan Click Here for Details

Michigan Governor Rated No. 46 By Center-Right Legislator Group

Especially on education policy, Whitmer gets no love from ALEC

This IS the Democrat Party

Ilhan Omar and AOC are anti-American Click Here for Story

Whitmer Supports Defunding Police ‘In Spirit’; Her Last State Police Budget Added $522 Million 

Read more


POTUS posts the 60 minutes interview before Sixty minutes Click Here for Details


Ghislaine Maxwell in 2013. Maxwell’s lawyers had argues that unsealing the deposition from an old civil case would undermine her right to a fair trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell testimony unsealed Click Here for Story

Foreign Gaslighting?

Pro-regime Iranians demonstrate against President Trump in Tehran. (Photo by Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)

Iran sending phony emails disguised as Proud Boys? Click Here for Details


Democrats boycott ACB committee confirmation Click Here for Story

Biden Will Take Steps to Change SCOTUS

Proposes commission to study and change the Supreme Court Click Here for Story

NPR Reveals Its NOT Really a Journalistic Source

Refuses to cover the Hunter Biden Joe Biden corruption story Click Here for Details


Trump Admin says no to Russia request to extend treaty Click Here for Details

Looking Guilty

Biden campaign pulls ad after poor bar owner turns out to be rich tech investor Click Here for Details

Odd Move

imprisoned former Hunter Biden colleague now fears for his life Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday October 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Stopping Human Smuggling

Trump Admin increases war against human trafficking Click Here for Story

Election Interference

# out of 4 Americans think Big Tech has too much influence Click Here for Story

Risk Appears Minimal, But Health Department Locks Down U-M Undergrads Anyway

Disgraceful Media

Nothing else worked so media now attacks ACB for being anti-gay Click Here for Story

Top Epidemiologists: ‘Grave Concerns About Damaging Impacts…Of Prevailing Policies’

‘Most compassionate … to let those less at risk … build up immunity through natural infection’ Read more

Only Using You for Your Vote

Senator Gary Peters only pays attention to the black community at election time Click Here for Story

The Hidden Vote

Pollster predicts Trump victory from hidden vote Click Here for Story

Over Taxed

Family dinner in Lordstown, Ohio. (Photo by ELEONORE SENS/AFP via Getty Images)

Americans spend more on taxes than food, healthcare, clothing and entertainment combined Click Here for Details

The Truth About Kamala

Kamala Harris-Edwin Ramos

Kamala Harris shows more support for MS-13 gang members than citizens Click Here for Story

Can’t Keep It Hidden

Despite all attempts by big tech and the media the Hunter Biden story is getting out Click Here for Details


The Hunter Biden story worsens Click Here for Story

The True Danger from Covid

Shutdowns are causing suicides to skyrocket Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday October 21, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Special Prosecutor Needed

Despite efforts by the media to cover it up the Hunter Biden emails reveal corruption so great it needs to be fully investigated Click Here for Details

Will We See Ghislaine Maxwell Testimony?

"Is Anybody There?" New York Premiere Cinemas 123, New York City April 6, 09 Credit: Globe / MediaPunch 2009 GHISLAINE MAXWELL K61500SMO /IPX

Court rules to unseal the testimony Click Here for Details

Give Parents the Choice

All children deserve the choice to move to better schools Click Here for Story

Free Market Cato Institute Gives Michigan Gov. Whitmer ‘F’ On Fiscal Policy

It Belongs to Hunter

No longer a doubt that the emails and laptop belong to Hunter Biden Click Here for Story

Remember That Promise About Fixing Roads? Michigan Is Spending Less On Them Under Whitmer

As a candidate in 2018, she called Michigan roads dangerous Read more

Americans Like ACB

Gallup Poll Shows That Judge Barrett's Favorability Breaks Records

Polling good for Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Click Here for Details

The Google Monopoly

Justice Department charges Google with illegally maintaining search monopoly

DOJ moves against Google? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

4G cell service …on the moon? Click Here for Story

Coordinating the Coverup ?

Then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, left, and CIA Director John Brennan on Capitol Hill in 2016. (Photo by Molly Riley/AFP via Getty Images)

Former bureaucrats possibly guilty of treason look to cover up Hunter Biden info Click Here for Story

Sanction Them

Secretary Pompeo says US could sanction any country making arms deals with Iran Click Here for Details

More Biden Ad Lies

Yet again ads from the Biden campaign are wholly untrue Click Here for Story

Outing Biden’s Racism

Voter calls Joe Biden out on his racist comments Click Here for Details and Video

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday October 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bad for Business

Biden Economic Policy will kill 2 million jobs? Click Here for Story

Democrats Trying to Spin Hunter Biden Crisis

No its not part of a Russian disinformation campaign but Democrat coup participants want you to think so Click Here for Details

‘No Way To Cut State Budget’ — Not Even These Items?

Michigan budget director draws a line

Arizona Trump Support Strong?

30 Mile long caravan showing support for POTUS Click Here for Story

State Civil Rights Commission’s School Report Raises Questions Whether It’s Serious, Credible

Ideological spin easier to come by than facts and serious analysisRead more

But Will He?

Trump and Biden faced off in Cleveland on Sept. 29. (Photo by JIM WATSON,SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden Needs to Answer Corruption Questions at Next Debate Click Here for Story

More Hiding?

Biden calling a LID till next debate? Click Here for Details

Do Democrat Ads Look Like Lies? They Are

Democrats suing deceptive tactics in advertising against John James Click Here for Story

Checkmating Twitter?

House Republicans put blocked info by twitter on a government website? Click Here for Story

Good News for GOP

Despite media claims to the contrary good signs for Republicans Click Here for Details

Where’s Birx?

Obviously absent from meetings Click Here for Story


Trump Complains About Fauci But Says It'd Be 'Bomb' to Fire Him

Calling out the Covid alarmists Click Here for Story

NOT Following Science

Vaping could actually save lives but the left hates it so science doesn’t matter Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday October 19, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Could the House Be In Play

Even a normally Democrats seat in Maryland gives a Republican a chance Click Here for Story

State Civil Rights Commission’s School Report Raises Questions Whether It’s Serious, Credible

Ideological spin easier to come by than facts and serious analysis

Liberalism IS a Sickness

Watch Women’s March attendees verbally assault a pregnant woman Click Here for Story

Joe Getting Angry

Hunter stories are getting to Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Another Liberal Moderator

3rd Debate moderator is again tied to the Democrats Click Here for Details

Gaffe Master

Dementia or not Joe Biden is still the Gaffe Master Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Will Pack the Supreme Court

You’ll get what you vote for America Click Here for Details

Antifa IS Racist

An Antifa protesters knocks out the front teeth of Philip Anderson, event organizer for the San Francisco Free Speech Rally and Protest at Twitter HQ. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Denis Ivan Perez)

Violence against the African American community Click Here for Story

Twitter Works for Democrats

SO in the bag for Democrat candidates its more than just bias Click Here for Details

The Real Joe Biden

Watch Joe Biden’s speech on the 90’s Crime Bill Click Here for Story

It’ll Get Worse for Hunter

More info and pictures of compromised Hunter Biden are coming Click Here for Story

Yes It WAS Hunter’s Laptop

No doubts left as to the repair shop having Hunter Biden’s laptop Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday October 18, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Hunter Problem

How bad is the corruption with the Biden family? Click Here for Story

Biden Shows His Racism in Michigan Senate Race?

Attacking John James could be costly for Joe Biden Click Here for Story

China Is a Global Danger

Taiwan and the US could be targets of a militarized China Click Here for Details

Never Trumpers Still in DC

Senator Ben Sasse still not on the Trump train Click Here for Story

Courts, Legislature Eye Unconstitutional Property Tax Foreclosure Takings

Governments take and sell tax delinquent property, collect their taxes and fees, pocket the balanceRead more

Islamic Intolerance

Paris sees another beheading at the hands of Islam Click Here for Details

Controlling Big Tech Censorship

Section 230 needs to be taken away from social media giants Click Here for Story

Early Voting Is Huge

States reporting massive early and absentee voting Click Here for Details

Another Biased Moderator

The 3rd debate will have another biased Democrat Click Here for Story

The Man Who Outed Hunter


Interview with the Computer repair man who reported Hunter Biden’s laptop emails Click Here for Story

Stealing Endorsement?

Biden camp says the have Boilermaker Union’s endorsement…They Don’t Click Here for Details

Why Did Wray Hide the Info From Hunter Biden Laptop

FBI Director Wray has a lot of explaining to do Click Here for Details

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The New YOU Need to Know Saturday October 17, 2020

ABC’s Townhall Gate

Biden Town Hall Questioners Included Obama Administration Speechwriter •  JoshWho News

ABC has townhall questioners who were Obama Admin employees Click Here for Story

Can’t Please Anybody?

AG Barr caught in the middle between libs and conservatives Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Retail sales beat expectations for September Click Here for Details

Recalling AG Nessel

Recall petition for Michigan’s Attorney General gets the go ahead Click Here for Details

More People Getting It In Michigan, But Way Fewer Dying From COVID

Read more

Another Example of Bad Public School Teaching

Teacher harasses young student for supporting Trump Click Here for Details

House Democratic Leader Misstates Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Emergency Powers Law

Read more

Civil Rights Commission Speaks Erroneously About Charter Schools

Yes, they must follow state and federal laws

No Privilege in South Africa?

White farmers face loss of farms and lives in South Africa Click Here for Details

Playing the American Voter

Biden says he’ll tell is opinion on court packing after ACB decision is done but millions are already voting Click Here for Story

EU UK Talks Fail

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaves number 10 Downing Street in central London on October 14, 2020, to take part in the Prime Minister Question (PMQs) session in the House of Commons. (Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP) (Photo …

Boris Johnson walks away from Brexit negotiations with EU Click Here for Story

The Left Hates This

Lindsey Graham and Diane Feinstein are friendly at SCOTUS hearings and the left hates her for it Click Here for Details

FBI Finally Investigating The Hunter Biden Issue ?

Uh Oh: Here's Why the FBI Is Now Investigating Hunter Biden's Emails

FBI had the laptop and info for months before the release by NY Post Click Here for Details

More Latino Support for Trump ?

Will there be record support for Republicans in November by Hispanics? Click Here for Story and Video

Burisma Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Democrat corruption in Ukraine ran deep Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday October 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Election Interference!

Twitter and Facebook caught red handed censoring New York Post exposes on Hunter and Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Tale of Two Townhalls

Trump Attacked Biden gets the softballs Click Here for Story

Trump Admin Is Compromising

Secretary Mnuchin agrees to Pelosi request for national testing Click Here for Story

Pushing the Covid Fear?

Washtenaw county is telling folks to not vote in person? Click Here for Story

Civil Rights Commission Speaks Erroneously About Charter Schools

Yes, they must follow state and federal laws

Whitmer Assails Supreme Court; Questions The Legitimacy Of Its Ruling On Executive Orders

She demeans serious and fundamental constitutional disagreements as mere partisanshipRead more

Cool Input

Rapper Ice Cube has given input to the Trump Admin on helping the black community Click Here for Story

Covid Hits Harris Team

Communicatioins Director for Harris tests positive for Covid Click Here for Details

Polls Are Wrong?

Pollster says the polls cannot be believed Click Here for Story

Twitter’s Full On Censor Fest

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

Not just locking out newspaper but Trump Press Secretary and other who post info detrimental to Biden Campaign Click Here for Details

Child Sniffing Isn’t All He’s Wrong On

Joe Biden supports prepubescent children being able to change gender? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday October 15, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Nasty Nancy

Speaker Pelosi berates CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer for being a real journalist Click Here for Story

Smoking Joe

Uncovered emails shows Hunter Biden DID introduce Burisma exec to VP Biden Click Here for Details

Gary Peter’s Disturbing Friends?

Democrat Senator won’t talk about UAW corruption Click Here for Story

Undoing Whitmer’s Mistake

Michigan legislature approves ban on putting Covid patients into Nursing Homes Click Here for Story

New York Metro States To Michigan Residents: Come Here And You Sit Inside Two Weeks

Competing Townhalls

CPD failure cause two townhalls to replace 2nd debate Click Here for Story

Farewell Wayfair Projected Jobs: $2.5 Million In Taxpayer Handouts Can’t ‘Buy’ 503 New Michigan Jobs

Read more

Fear for Dollars

Democrats use fearmongering over ACB to raise election money Click Here for Details

How Guilty is Joe?

Fotografía de archivo del 30 de enero de 2010 muestra al vicepresidente Joe Biden con su hijo Hunter, durante un juego de baloncesto universitario de Duke Georgetown, en Washington. (Foto AP/Nick Wass, archivo)

FBI had information on Biden before the Trump impeachment attempt Click Here for Story

Common Sense

ACB repeats what Democrats seem to have forgotten Click Here for Story

Bias Uncovered

The Commission on Presidential Debates is no longer an unbiased entity Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday October 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Pence More Trusted?

Public thinks VP Pence is better prepared to lead than Harris Click Here for Story

Can Michigan Pick an Outsider for Senate?

Businessman John James now tied in polling with Gary Peters Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Government 0-for-3 Before Supreme Court Defending One-Person Governance

High Court ruled executive branch can’t take legislative branch powers Read more

Polling Not Supported by Attendance

Polls show Biden way ahead of Trump but attendance at appearances says something different Click Here for Story

No Charge For Vehicle Seizure Data Over Three Years, But Wayne County Wants $19k This Time

Media Pushing a Phony Biden Win

From polling to articles the MSM is trying to tell America Joe has already won Click Here for Story

Is War with China Inevitable?

 An Indian Air Force fighter jet flies over a mountain range at the India-China border on September 15, 2020. (Photo by MOHD ARHAAN ARCHER/AFP via Getty Images)

From the military, to technology to economics a clash with China grows stronger by the day Click Here for Story

Court Packer

Biden doesn’t have to admit he’ll agree to pack the Supreme Court we all know he will Click Here for Story

Follow the Science …

In this Jan. 26, 2017, file photo David Nabarro, U.N. secretary-general's special envoy on ebola, speaks to the media, at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. (Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP) ** FILE **

WHO says lockdowns are not the best way to combat the Covid pandemic Click Here for Story

Channeling Ruth

Amy Coney Barrett sets Senator Feinstein straight with RBG’s own words? Click Here for Details

What to Believe

More new data shows masks are ineffective? Click Here for Story

Money Knows?

Investors Turn Skeptical of Democrat 'Blue Wave' Victory

Despite MSM polling the markets aren’t seeing a blue wave in November Click Here for Story

Covid No More Dangerous Than The Flu?

WHO is changing its story again? Click Here for Details

Minorities for Trump

Minority voters explain their voting choice Click Here for Story and Video

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