The News YOU Need to Know Monday October 2, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Newsom’s Nuisance

California Governor Newsom’s pick to replace Senator Feinstein doesn’t even live in California?? Click Here for Story

Serial Liar or Dementia?

Joe Biden gets caught in yet another whopping lie Click Here for Details

Why we harp on transparency

Government works best when it’s watched closely. With outdated information, that won’t happen.

Illegal Immigrant Criminals…

Coming to a town near you. Upscale homes in Michigan being burglarized by gangs of illegals Click Here for Details

There are now 25,000 UAW members on strike

UAW President Shawn Fain expanded the strike by 7,000 workers Friday Read more

Government Shutdown Averted…

What happens next? Click Here for Story

Michigan Education Association is down 37,000 members in a decade

Teachers union has dropped to under 80,000 members Read more

Social Equity Policies Just Mean More Crime…

Soft on criminal policies is causing an explosion of crime in Illinois Click Here for Story

Failure to Launch?

Over half of all young adults are living at home with parents Click Here for Details

Hidden DEI

Universities are not obeying State law and finding ways to continue their propagandizing DEI policies Click Here for Details

NATO Ramping Up to WW III?

Putin ally says British forces training in Ukraine are legitimate targets Click Here for Story

Who Is This Traitor And What US Agency is Committing Treason?

Uniformed man documented cutting Texas installed razor wire at the border to allow illegals into America Click Here for Story

McCarthy on Thin Ice?

Is GOP Speaker McCarthy on the edge of being replaced? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday October 1, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Want Total Control Of Your Life…

Jennifer Granholm

New green energy push will force changes to the common appliances you use everyday Click Here for Story

A Plethora of Evidence

Impeachment hearing for Joe Biden shows volumes of evidence and the Democrats cant handle it Click Here for Details

Solar Slip Ups…

Many residential roof top systems have left owners in the dark Click Here for Story

The Newsom DeSantis Debate…

its seems odd and it is but is it designed to make DeSantis even more foolish? Click Here for Story

Elon At the Border…

When Elon speaks it gets attention will his trip to the border wake up Americans to the danger of an open and unsecured border? Click Here for Details

Congressional Criminal

Democrat Congressman pulls fire alarm in the Capitol ( a felony) to stop a vote Click Here for Story

Stop Treating It Differently

Election fraud IS a crime and our politicians need to stop ignoring it or worse supporting it Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Scared of RFK Jr….

You need to ask yourself why? Click Here for Details

The Real Virus Destroying the World

Global elitist billionaire Bill Gates is promoting policies that will destroy mankind’s food supply chain Why do so many government bureaucrats follow his lead Click Here for Story

Who Do We Believe?

New pictures refute the mainstream media’s announcement of the death of Russian Commander by Ukraine Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday September 30, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Senator Diane Feinstein Dead at 90…

Dianne Feinstein, the US Senate's longest-serving Jewish member, dies at 90  | The Times of Israel

Who will Governor Newsome appoint? Click Here for Details

Just Another Branch of Democrats

GOP controlled House goes ahead with Democrats to send more money to the grift hole of Ukraine Click Here for Story

Recipient of $65M confident Marshall project will resume

Since Monday, three top officials have portrayed Ford pause as a tactic in UAW negotiations

Detroit’s Ex-Police Chief To Run for Senate?

James Craig

Looks like former Chief James Craig may throw his hat in the ring for Michigan’s US Senate seat Click Here for Details

Democrat Hypocrites

Democrats are crying about the investigation to impeach Joe Biden when they tried to impeach Trump with absolutely no evidence Click Here for Details

Nessel tries again to shut down Line 5

Attorney General offers no alternate method for transporting 540,000 barrels of fuel dailyRead more

UAW Strike Expands

Additional production plants hit by UAW Click Here for Story

Canadian Nazis?

Trudeau and the government of Canada hailed an ex-Nazi. What does this say about the Canadian dictatorship under Trudeau Click Here for Story

Illegal Flood

Border towns drowning in illegal migrants as Biden’s DHS leave border wide open Click Here for Story

Elon At The Border…

Car, Twitter and Space-X magnate investigates Biden’s open border Click Here for Story

No One Cares About GOP Debate

Conservative voters are backing Trump they want government cleaned up and the only outsider who an do it is Trump Click Here for Details

Woman Voters Need to Pay Attention…

Democrats don’t think conservative women deserve support Click Here for Story

Run Robert Run!

Will RFK Jr. now run as independent after Democrats block him from competing against Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday September 29, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Impeachment Hearing Begins

Biden teases forthcoming executive order on AI | CNN Business

1st step in impeaching Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Trump Addressed UAW Workers in Michigan

Showing support for union workers reiterates that Trump IS the supporter of blue collar average Americans Click Here for Details

Michigan Election Fraud Lawsuit?

Jocelyn Benson | AP News

Secretary of State for Michigan gets sued over breaking election laws Click Here for Story

What IS Happening in Arizona?

If Katie Hobbs won't compete, why did she run for governor?

How does the AZ Treasurer step in for the Governor? Click Here for Story


Pentagons “killer Robots” are raising concerns Click Here for Story

Newsom Says Parents Have No Rights Over Their Children?

Another big government politician waiting to seize control of your family Click Here for Details

Pressure is On for McCarthy

A speakership is at stake for Kevin McCarthy over funding issue Click Here for Story

Phony Fox?

Fox Debate

Fox Debate lets Univision moderator push lies? Click Here for Details

2nd GOP Debate?

No winners but Trump? Click Here for Details

Senate Gets Its Dress Code Back

The US Senate voted to put a dress code back…and some of its dignity back in place Click Here for Story

Fat, Smarmy and Stupid is No Way To Get Elected

Chris Christies shows he’s not ready for anything near Presidential politics Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday September 28, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com


Yea its the liberals, government and media dishing that out Click Here for Details

Ralph Nader: Still an Idiot

Former 3rd party candidate says he supports Biden in 2024 Click Here for Story

Newsom the Anti-Gunner

California governor going after guns in anyway possible Click Here for Story

Biden spent 12 minutes at the UAW picket line, 87 seconds speaking

President’s very brief speech followed by San Francisco-area fundraiser

Despite Ford ‘pause,’ board approves $65M for Marshall site

BlueOval Battery Park could have received as much as $270M of $1.7B in corporate welfare alreadyRead more

McCarthy Looks for Border Protection

Stop Gap measure will include border protection Click Here for Details

China Scam?

Chinese company profited from US PPP loans during Covid? Click Here for Story

America Last…Again

Ukraine gets funded during a US shutdown but not America Click Here for Details

New York Injustice

Corrupt judge liberal judge wants Trump Corporation disbanded Click Here for Story

Yes, The Border Crisis IS an Invasion

Illegal immigrants plant foreign flags on US soil Click Here for Details

The Biden Family Brand…

Peddling influence around the globe Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday September 27, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bank Wire Biden…So It Is So, Eh Joe?

Hunter Biden received Chinese bank wires to Joe Biden’s address? Click Here for Story

Unions Just Can’t Get Off the Democrat Plantation

Despite Democrats opening borders to bring in more workers and drive down wages union leaderships are still backing the Democrat party and shooting their members in the foot Click Here for Story

Shutdown IS Necessary

The outrageous spending by the US government must stop Click Here for Details

Ford pauses EV battery project; UAW calls decision ‘shameful’

Though the Ford-CATL project sought non-union labor, striking union sees pause as a threat

Another Biden Admin Scandal

Jennifer Granholm’s disgraceful EV trip gets investigated Click Here for Details

Midland nonprofit gets $1M state earmark for training educators, students

Managing emotions, developing resiliency among the topics coveredRead more


Yoga and organising are two new skills that can be added to Optimus' growing list of capabilities

Elon Musk’s robot can do yoga? Click Here for Story


Making home prices even more unaffordable Click Here for Details

Failing Foreign Policy

Biden is gaining more enemies overseas Click Here for Story

Americans WANT Border Security

Biden’s open border is opposed by two thirds of Americans Click Here for Story


Hunter Biden legal team now trying to sue Giuliani for hacking into his abandoned laptop? Click Here for Details

Confessions by The CDC

How much lying did the CDC do during the plandemic? Click Here for Story

Media is Done with Biden

Release of the latest WAPO poll shows big media is ready to stop using Biden and move on to their next pawn Click Here for Story

Another High Profile Death of Russian Commander

Russia has seemingly lost a fair number of its high level commanders Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday September 26, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Kamala Not Wanted?

Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Compare 9/11 to January 6?

More Democrats are pushing back on having Kamala Harris as VP on a Biden ticket Click Here for Story

Net Zero Madness

Trying to get to Net Zero for CO2 is insanity and its destroying Europe and the west Click Here for Details

Hillary Beating the Dead Horse Yet Again…

The Hillary Clinton Doctrine – Foreign Policy

Ahead of a possible 2024 Democratic loss Hillary Clinton again wants to blame Russia and try to cast doubt on the voice of the people Click Here for Story

McCarthy Supports the Rat Hole?

Looks like Speaker McCarthy has flipped on giving Ukraine more money in the latest spending bill? Click Here for Story

UAW’s Full Circle of Blame

UAW supports Biden, Biden Supports Green Initiatives, Green Initiatives and Regulations Cripple the Auto Industry, Auto Industry can’t afford to take care of UAW and the UAW wants to blame who? Click Here for Details

How About Some Clean Spending Bills?

Why does Congress continually muddy the budget waters? Click Here for Story

Arizona Voter Fraud

Follow the “paper” ? Click Here for Details

Its What Democrats Do…

Adam Schiff funneled millions to defense contractors and gladly took their donations Click Here for Story

Admitting Aliens Exist?

IS the US government ready to admit it or is it just another deep state head fake? Click Here for Details

Elitist Douchebag?

US actor Leonardo Dicaprio poses during a photocall for the film "Killers of the Flower Moon" at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 21, 2023. (Photo by Patricia DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP) (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Hollywood elitist wants to sue big oil and keep the common man from having cars? Click Here for Details

IRS Whistleblowers Get Backup

FBI whistleblower backs up claims by IRS whistleblowers about Biden investigations Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday September 25, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Taking Away Your Energy

The ultimate goal of the Biden regime? To remove energy, make what is available costly and unattainable and destroy YOUR way of life Click Here for Story

New Polling Shows Biden Way Down Against Trump

Its early but voters are finally seeing the disaster of Democrats and Biden despite the media’s attempt to cover it up Click Here for Story

Banning Ballot Drop Boxes

Wisconsin Supreme Court bans the unlawful ballot drop boxes that stole the 2020 election? Click Here for Details

Whitmer pension grants are a $553M bailout for governments

Michigan municipalities that made promises they can’t keep get half-billion dollar bailout

Don’t Be A Fetterman

Reporter tries getting into New York restaurants dressed like slob Senator John Fetterman and guess what happens Click Here for Story


Senator Durbin won’t ask Senator Menendez to resign despite charges and proof of corruption Click Here for Story

China Hegemony Strengthens

Despite rumors of problems at home China ramps up its bullying in the South China Sea Click Here for Story

Elitists Want to be The Guardians of the Planet?

Despite the biggest of carbon footprints why do the wealthy think they know best how to save the planet? Click Here for Details

Stopping the War Against Common Sense Decorum?

Senator Manchin leads group against the removal of Senate dress code Click Here for Story

Merrick Garland Knows What Ray Epps Is…

The puny charges against Ray Epps are proof of his collaboration with the Feds themselves? Click Here for Details

Bidenomics …Hurting You

Biden is increasing regulations to increase cost of goods on Average Americans Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday September 24, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Political Ploy

Joe Biden will picket with UAW workers on Tuesday after hearing Trump will be visiting the UAW workers to show support Click Here for Details

Seeing the Truth…

Democrat Mayor in Texas changes parties to Republican after seeing the truth of how Democrats are destroying Texas and America? Click Here for Story

Is Sean Fain Showing He’s A Hypocrite?

Asking for support from the pResident who is causing financial hardships for UAW members is highly hypocritical and shows how out of touch union leadership is. Its not about what’s best for members its about power for union leaders? Click Here for Story

Dementia, Stupidity or Racism?

Biden confuses the Hispanic Caucus with the Black Caucus in speech Click Here for Story

Government Shutdown WON’T Affect Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security

Don’t let the media and Democrats scare you over what a government shutdown means Click Here for Story

Posterboy for Corruption…

This isn’t Senator Menendez’s first corruption charge and this one involves a foreign country Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh, Bad Decision?

Former Jill Biden Press Secretary says please don’t let Joe go to Detroit Click Here for Story

Record Illegal Migration

Border crisis worsens as the Biden Admin is now actively helping illegals cross into the US Click Here for Details

Outrage At the Border…

DHS cuts razor wire again to allow immigrants in Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday September 23, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Legally Disturbing

Merrick Garland grilled by House over Hunter Biden, Donald Trump cases -

US Attorney General Merrick Garland has shown he’s as corrupt as the rest of the Biden Administration Click Here for Details

Border Invasion

Texas Governor Declares what everyone else has been saying Click Here for Story

Disgusting Dana

Dana Nessel wins second term as Michigan Attorney General | WWMT

Michigan Attorney General is a disgrace as she calls people she charges for phony crimes “brainwashed”. If true why are you charging them? Click Here for Story

Biden Giving Illegals IDs

Its all about having new voters for 2024? Click Here for Story

Report: UAW spokesman seeks ‘reputation damage’ of automakers in negotiations

Detroit News report finds ill intent expressed in text messages

Soros Owns Republicans Too

George Soros spent $40M getting lefty district attorneys, officials elected  all over the country

Its not just Democrat politicians George Soros owns its Republican ones too Click Here for Details

Biden bypasses Congress to create climate corps, Whitmer announces Michigan version

No experience, no problem: Biden jobs program will subsidize 20,000 workers; Michigan will start with 30Read more

Dirty Bob Menendez

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been investigated before but this time the proof is damning Click Here for Story

Ukraine Hits Russia’s Black Sea Headquarters…

Massive explosions were heard throughout the Russian-held city

Massive missile attack does major damage in Crimea Click Here for Details

Devolving Society

Society is turning into a fictional movie set Click Here for Story

Spiraling Inflation

teaser image

Think things are bad they could get a lot worse Click Here for Details

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