Conservative News Aggregate Friday July 10, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Democrat Agenda

Call America racist in order to win an election? Click Here for Details

Bias Training in Michigan?

Michigan will force bias training for medical workers Click Here for Details

Lansing Council Member Proposes Cutting Police Budget In Half

Department’s officers responded to 84,313 calls in 2019

Its the Left That Should be Panicking?

Trump has 91% chance of re-election? Click Here for Details

Will Your Kids Return To School In Fall? One-Third of Parents Unsure

Survey indicates support for reopening schools rises with family income

SCOTUS Mixed Decision

NY prosecutors can get Trump records Congress cannot? Click Here for Story

Acts Of ‘Social And Domestic Anarchy’ Could Get 20 Years Under This Bill

May riots caused losses of $2.4 million in sponsor’s district

Avoiding Arkancide?

Feds worry about Ghislane Maxwell committing suicide Click Here for Details

Democrats Want to Stop Educating Children?

Beto says we can’t send kids back to school Click Here for Story

The End of Whites in South Africa?

White people in South Africa may not last much longer? Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Americans to Pay

Reparations is on the Democrat wish list Click Here for Story

You Must Vote Conservative

The 2020 election is about the survival of America Click Here for Details

The Culture War is Real

Your values and lifestyle are under attack and you better fight back Click Here for Story

Hiding Joe

The left doesn’t want to expose Joe Biden’s issues to the public Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Time to Oust DeBlasio

Congressman joins call for removal of New York City’s mayor Click Here for Details

More Attacks on Working Folks

Democrat wants to reequire workers to pay union dues Click Here for Story

Whitmer Praises Or Condemns Social Distancing Violators Depending On Who And Why

It looks political

As Coronavirus Case Numbers Soar, Deaths Plummet

Read more

Snowflake Generation

Current generation puts comfort over freedom Click Here for Details

Win for Religion

SCOTUS sides with religious school in decision Click Here for Story

What’s the Story on Roberts?

Chief Justice Roberts had a health issue last month Click Here for Story

Protests Caused Uptick in Covid?

Miami Dade rise in cases caused by protests? Click Here for Details

Removing Religion from Schools?

Is this what caused crime increase? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday July 8, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Banning Tik Tok?

Is there going to be a ban on Tik Tok in America due to Chinese ties? Click Here for Details

Protests Ok but Parties Are Not?

Organizer of party may get charges? Click Here for Story

Bill Would Repeal State Prohibition Of Local Bans On Grocery Bags

Cities could also ban or tax cloth, paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, glass or other ‘auxiliary containers’

Whitmer Permits Fans At High School Sports While Tigers Play To Empty Stadium?

Read more

BLM Killing Blacks

Activists are killing more innocent blacks than police Click Here for Details

Time to Pressure China

ITs own people and the world need to hold the CCP accountable Click Here for Details

States Not Using the Data

Testing is up, infections are up but deaths are down so why shut down the economy again? Click Here for Details

Lying Sue

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Secretary Pompeo hits back at Susan Rice for her lying ways Click Here for Details

NFL Creating More Problems

Playing a “Black” National anthem riles fans Click Here for Story

Rioters Groupthink

What do these violent activists think? Click Here for Details

France vs Turkey?

Problems in EU paradise? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday July 7, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Faithless Electors Not Allowed

State electors must follow state’s election winners Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Ignores Protests/Riots as Superspreaders

Blaming bars and gatherings but not rioters? Click Here for Story

Hazel Park Superintendent Talks Years Of Cuts, But Per-Pupil Funding Up

District’s inflation-adjusted state funding higher per student since 2011

Disgusting Mainstream Media

Blames death of protester on a luxury car NOT the black driver Click Here for Story

Coronavirus Deaths Plummeted Since Stay-At-Home Order Lifted June 1

Read more

Biden’s Coup?

Joe Biden will allow the socialists to take his power if elected? Click Here for Details

London Ignores Social Distancing

People party as they tire of lockdowns in London Click Here for Details

Iranian Mystery Explosion

Nuke site explodes in Iran Click Here for Details

The Enemy Within

Black Lives Matter protest turns pro-Palestinian and anti-American Click Here for Details

Slavery Still Exists and BLM Ignores It

Human trafficking is alive and well throughout the world but protesters ignore where it really is and who is responsible Click Here for Story

A True American

Terry Crews Stood His Ground Again Over Fourth of July Weekend

Actor Terry Crews faces wrath as he stands for being an American who respects and loves all colors Click Here for Details

Covid Vaccine Soon?

White House is optimistic on having a vaccine before 2021 Click Here for Details

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Conservative News Aggregate Monday July 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Yes, Protests Contributed to Covid Spike

To say otherwise ignores science Click Here for Details

From A 1776 Philadelphia Hall To A 2020 Michigan Courtroom, This Tussle Goes On

Not just a textbook subject, separation of powers matters to these real Michigan lives and livelihoods

Kaepernick Hypocrisy

Activist loved July 4th under Obama but bashes it now Click Here for Story

Obama Admin Part 3

Biden could choose Susan Rice for VP? Click Here for Details

Protests or Threats?

Armed militants in Georgia Click Here for Story

Biden Will Let Males Used Women’s Locker Rooms?

Biden agenda goes even farther left Click Here for Details

More BLM Violence

Columbus Statue destroyed in Baltimore Maryland Click Here for Story

Truth vs Lies

The Left looks to end history and the truth Click Here for Details

Collateral Deaths

dr. oz poses for a photo

Pandemic fear mongering killed many besides actual Covid victims Click Here for Story

Herd Immunity Near?

What the MSM won’t tell you Click Here for Details

Non-Lethal Doesn’t Work Out

Tulsa Police Sergeant Killed When Nonlethal Force Returned with Gunfire

Officer killed after using non-lethal response Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday July 5, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Message from POTUS

America will not be destroyed by left wing activists Click Here for Story

Politicized Intel

Some intelligence agency personnel are working with the Democrat party Click Here for Story

Buying the Surplus

Michigan Police departments are buying military surplus Click Here for Details

From A 1776 Philadelphia Hall To A 2020 Michigan Courtroom, This Tussle Goes On

Not just a textbook subject, separation of powers matters to these real Michigan lives and livelihoods

23 Michigan House Democrats Buck Whitmer, Nessel On Line 5 Pipeline

Up-north residents who depend on pipeline to heat their homes are concerned

BLM Terrorists

This is not a protest group its a terror group Click Here for Details

Getting Uglier

The more we find out about Flynn phony prosecution the worse it gets Click Here for Story

Hypocrisy of the Left

MSM and Democrat party are clearly showing their hypocrisy in their constant hate for Trump Click Here for Details

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Conservative News Aggregate Saturday July 4, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fourth Of July

Be thankful you live in America

Blocking Rushmore

Liberals, Antifa and Democrats block road to Mount Rushmore Click Here for Details


NFL looks to further divide America by playing “The Black National Anthem” Click Here for Story

State Gave Electric Vehicle Company $1.72M in 2015, Now Moving Jobs To California

And…POTUS Right Again

New Henry Ford peer reviewed study says HydroxyChloroquine works Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Decision Protects Voting?

Blocks order that would have made voting fraud easier Click Here for Details

Can They Keep Ghislane Protected?

Ghislaine Maxwell

Powerful people will be scared and desperate as FBI arrests Ghislane Maxwell Click Here for Details

Trump Economy Firing Up for Hispanics

Hisoanic unemployment rate dropping again Click Here for Details

Democrat Corruption

Democrat prosecutors failed to protect girls from Epstein and Weinstein Click Here for Details

Jews Hating Jews?

Liberal Jews side with anti-semitic BLM against the Jewish community Click Here for Story

Stop the Forced Masking?

Best argument for stopping the forced masking issue Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday July 3, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Next Epstein?

Epstein accomplice Ghislane Maxwell arrested by FBI…how long will she live? Click Here for Story


2nd Shut Down Begins

Governor Whitmer plays the Democrat shut down card Click Here for Story

2nd Amendment is for All

Black community also has a good history for gun ownership Click Here for Details

Whitmer: Keep In Your Seats In Bars

Walking around a restaurant or bar is a crime unless ordering or using the restroomC

State Regulator Claims Alcohol Market Manipulation Makes Us Safer; Data Says Not

No difference in health and safety between heavy control states and those without it

Watch Your Drinking?

Excessive alcohol could make covid infection easier? Click Here for Details

Beating the Covid Drum

MSM and liberals pushing covid ahead of election Click Here for Story

The People’s Sheriff

Florida Sheriff says he will deputize gun owners to protect his community? Click Here for Story

Punish Leakers

Senator Rand Paul asks who is benefitting from these leaks? Click Here for Story

Biden’s Communist VP Candidate?

Democrats are ok with communists for Vice President Click Here for Story

Over Blowing Corona

Its time to stop with the lock down nonsense Click Here for Story

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Conservative News Aggregate Thursday July 2, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Seattle Re-asserts

Police clear CHOP zone ? Click Here for Story

New Corona Testing

New tests give results in 45 minutes Click Here for Details

Whitmer Will Make Call On Face Masks In Schools

Mask mandates will vary based on administration’s COVID-19 recovery judgment

BLM According to Leo Terrell

BLM is using blacks like the Democratic party does? Click Here for Story

State Supreme Court Sets Sept. 2 For Oral Arguments On Whitmer Emergency Powers

Read more

Put Yourself in Police Shoes

BLM activist takes police training and now understands much better what Police have to deal with Click Here for Story

Replacing Columbus Day

Federal Government looks to replace Columbus holiday with Juneteenth Holiday? Click Here for Story

The Most Liberal News Aggregate

Drudge went from conservative news site to liberal aggregator Click Here for Details

Good vs Evil

Justice Thomas vs Justice Roberts Click Here for Details

America Hater ?

Mark Cuban Tells CEOs to Examine Compensation, or Get 'Crushed ...

Mark Cuban ready to kneel is he just a pandering hypocrite or does he really loathe America? Click Here for Details

China’s Biggest Allies

Bernie Sanders Is Beating Joe Biden In the Race for Donations From ...

Hollywood and Joe Biden are made in in China Click Here for Story

Covid Stimulus 2

POTUS supports another round of Covid stimulus Click Here for Details

Losers Club

Mitt Romney leads the spineless Republicans Club Click Here for Details

A Harvard Education?

Liberal elite education is now just violent brainwashing? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday July 1, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Getting Wise

India bans Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps Click Here for Story

Michigan School Reopening Plan

Governor unveils new plan for school in the fall Click Here for Details

Children Pay the Price

Not having police has a cost …and children are paying it. Click Here for Story

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Religious Schools Can Receive Public Funds

Impact unclear for Michigan, which has nation’s most restrictive language

Fear Mongerer?

Fauci beats the new confirmed case drum? Click Here for Story

Michigan More Sensitive Than Florida To COVID-19?

Whitmer Administration Makes That Claim Despite Far More Michigan DeathsRead more

Time to Cut Off China?

Another pandemic brewing in China? Click Here for Story

Biden is Tested…?

Says he is being tested for Cognitive decline Click Here for Story

Liberal Smoke Screen

Let’s call racism a medical issue? Click Here for Details

Jail the Leakers

Trump Admin leakers need to be found and punished accordingly Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Higher Drug Prices

Once again Democrats put special interests above Americans Click Here for Details

Russia’s Real Enemy

Russia like the US needs to focus on China as the real threat Click Here for Details

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