The News YOU Need to Know Friday July 19, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

What The Heck Happened?

House opens investigation into security failures of Secret Service for Trump Click Here for Story

Falling Apart

Biden is getting worse by the day Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Party of the Common Man

The Republican Party is now the party of the common man NOT the elite Click Here for Details

How Trump Is Faring

The health of President Trump since the attempted assassination is on everyone’s mind Click Here for Story

Obama Wants Joe Out

The Biden campaign is under siege from its own party Click Here for Details

Green Agenda Is Falling Apart…Literally

Wind Farm turbines falling down Click Here for Story

Back to Energy Independence

Trump and the Republicans can bring back energy idependence to America and help stop inflation with lower fuel prices Click Here for Story

JD Vance Understands Regular Folks

Trump’s VP pick comes from the ranks of the average to underprivileged Click Here for Details

The New Name in Media…Again

Tucker Carlson is stronger than ever after being removed by Fox News Click Here for Story

Biden’s Covid Cover Story

Is Joe Biden catching Covid again the pre-emptive move for his departure from the 2024 race? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 18, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Yea, They Knew…

The weaponized and corrupt FBI knew of threats to Trump before he even took the stage? Click Here for Story

Vance Took VP Spot With Don Jr’s Help?

JD Vance is really best to continue on Trump’s swamp clean out Click Here for Details

Lunatic or Dementia Addled?

Biden keeps revealing how badly he is encumbered with Dementia in latest rant Click Here for Story

Report lays out costs of banning short-term rentals,

Hope College survey the latest development in fight in Ottawa County’s Park Township

Republican Tent IS Getting Bigger…

And the Democrats and their liberal propagandists in the Media don’t like it Click Here for Story

AFL-CIO receives $4M from state for workplace training program, veterans group gets $250K

Unspecified forestry-related program receives $750k in earmarks Read more

Resign Please…

Speaker Johnson calls for Secret Service Director to resign after catastrophic failure at Trump Rally Click Here for Story

Vote With the Feet

Elon Musk says Space X and X will be leaving California for Texas Click Here for Details

Peace Through Strength

Even Nikki Haley knows it takes a strong US President to keep the world at peace Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday July 17, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

One Sided Cool Down

BIden calls for softening the rhetoric but isn’t really doing so himself Click Here for Story

JD Vance Was the Right Pick

Tucker Carlson thinks so and here’s why Click Here for Details

Disgusting Media

Liberal journalist gets put on the spot… and runs away Click Here for Story


Liz Cheney is still spouting her lies and vitriol Click Here for Details

More Than Enough Warning

Trump shooter was allegedly spotted 30 minutes before the shooting? Click Here for Story

Relentless Demonizing to Blame?

The Left, Democrats and Media have demonized Trump for years…are they really to blame for the shooting? Click Here for Details

Did A Shooting Save Biden’s Candidacy?

Removing Biden seems to have dropped off the radar since the assassination attempt on Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Where is the Accountability?

Director of Secret Service needs to be fired Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday July 16, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump’s VP

DOnald J Trump chooses Ohio Senator JD Vance for Vice-President Click Here for Story


Trump Documents case dismissed… Special Prosecutor was not legally appointed Click Here for Story


FBI says it can’t access the phone to get data of 20 year old who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Lawmakers release 7 agencies from requirement to report severance payments

Less transparency means more corruption and waste, lawmaker says

Nine Dangerous Dems

These Democrat Congressmen tried to remove Donald Trump’s Secret Service Protection Click Here for Details

Judge won’t give Michigan immunity in Enbridge lawsuit

Court schedules oral arguments for July 31Read more

Sounds Odd?

A local police officer encountered the Trump shooter Click Here for Story

Hiatus for Joe Scarborough?

One of the worst demonizers of Donald Trump loses his Morning Show…for a day Click Here for Details

End the Censorship

Online censorship is bad for a free and open society Click Here for Story


Satirical Op-Ed Click Here for Story

Questioning the Secret Service

Was the security failures at Pennsylvania Trump rally so great that we have to ask the conspiracy questions? Click Here for Story

Will RFK Jr Finally Get Secret Service Protection?

After the debacle at the Trump rally is Secret Service capable of protecting? Click Here for Details

The Leftists ARE the Real Threat

The left always call the right fascists but in actuality its the left that resorts to violence and fascist tactics Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday July 15, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Involved in Child Trafficking?

Whistleblower says the Biden’s HHS is paying contractors involved in trafficking child migrants? Click Here for Story

More Evidence of a Factual Bible?

Archaeologists finding artifacts supporting stories from the Bible Click Here for Story

FBI Identifies Trump Shooter

How did the 20 year old get so close to set up a shot? Click Here for Details

Warnings from Attendees That There Was a Shooter on The Roof?

Why wasn’t there more immediate action after rally attendees alerted authorities of a man with a rifle climbing on the roof? Click Here for Story

God’s Protection

Trump says it was God who saved him from assassin’s bullet Click Here for Details

Bad Policies = Bad Economy

You can’t spend your way out of trouble Click Here for Story

How IS The Secret Service Director Even Qualified?

Catastrophic failure of the Secret Service starts at the top Click Here for Details

He Amped Up the Rhetoric

Biden was taking the rhetoric against Trump even higher before the shooting Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday July 14, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Donald Trump Survives Assassination Attempt

Shooter tries to assassinate Donald Trump at Pennsylvania rally. Shooter is killed and one attendee dies Click Here for Story

Socialists Throw Weight Behind Biden

Bernie Sanders will support Joe Biden…for the price of a socialist agenda Click Here for Details

Flip Flopping Nevada Democrat Senator

Democrat Senator’s campaign now supports Donald Trump’s “No Tax on Tips” agenda Click Here for Story

Real Border Facts

Biden continues to lie about his open border Click Here for Details

Paris Has Fallen And The US is Next

One of the West’s cultural capitols has fallen to barbarians Click Here for Story


The US and its government has been infiltrated by those wishing to destroy the Consitution and the United States Click Here for Details

Who Is Running Our Country?

One has to ask if Biden is so out of touch who is actually running the government? Click Here for Story

Shallow Bench

These are the likely Democrats who could replace Joe Biden on the 2024 ticket? Click Here for Details

Has Elon Finally Realized It?

Elon Musk donates to Trump Super PAC, has he finally realized the Democrat’s plan to destroy the US is marching ahead? Click Here for Story

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The News You Need to Know Saturday July 13, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden’s Great Replacement

Biden and the Democrats have flooded a small Ohio town with 20,000 immigrants Click Here for Story

White House Cat Fight

Is the relationship between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris keeping Joe in the race? Click Here for Details

Meta Unleashes Team Trump?

WIll America actually be able to not be censored for being Trump supporters? Click Here for Story

Money Grab?

Ukrainian President Zelensky went to Utah to drum up support for his war Click Here for Details

Democrats Know Joe Is A Loser?

Michigan DemocRats avoid Joe Biden rally in Detroit ( as did most people ) Click Here for Story

How They Spend YOUR Money

Watchdog list of how Congress members vote on spending Click Here for Details

Weakening Our Military

Call it woke or just stupid but US military decision are no longer based on protecting America Click Here for Details

Obama’s Shadow Government

IS Obama really running the show in DC? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday July 12, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Another Biden Disaster

Press Conference is a disaster for Biden Click Here for Story

The GOP Platform

The Best Republican Platform in decades puts the focus on average working Americans Click Here for Story

Doubling Down on Stupidity

Biden Admin wants to double down on its EV car agenda even with a total lack of infrastructure, battery and other issues with EVs Click Here for Story

Democrats Replacing Their Voter Base.

Illegals are the new base for Democrats and replacing Americans of every color Click Here for Details

Two arts organizations will receive $1.25 million from taxpayers

Unclear what lawmakers requested the earmarks

Can We Hold Congress Accountable?

Will a bill finally be reached forcing Congress to live by the same stock rules most Americans have to live under? Click Here for Details

Presidential Cognition

Will Biden take a cognitive test? Click Here for Story

Life on Mars

Elon Musk has a vision for Mar…can it happen in our lifetime? Click Here for Details

Democrats: Moral Bankruptcy

Democrats don’t support Democracy despite their rhetoric their actions are totalitarian Click Here for Story

Racist Nancy?

Nancy Pelosi snaps at black reporter in her typical arrogant style Click Here for Story

Will Hispanics Vote Trump?

More and more Hispanic citizens are turning to Donald Trump Click Here for Details

Rate Cuts Could Be Scary

Everyone thinks interest rates cuts would be good…maybe not Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 11, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Support Illegals Voting in US

The Save Act passes in the GOP led House but almost every Democrat voted to let illegals continue to vote in elections Click Here for Details

The Truth About Project 2025: The Facts Democrats Won’t Tell You

Project 2025 is NOT a Trump agenda and most of what Democrats are saying about it is a lie Click Here for Story

Senate Republicans Are A Disgrace?

Some Senate Republicans missed a vote to keep a terrible judge out of office and now we are stuck with her Click Here for Story

Saginaw lawmaker earmarked $1.9M to fix elementary school pool

School district blames ‘bugs’ after pages vanish from website

Hollywood Hypocrisy

After raising millions for Joe Biden Hollywood big wig George Clooney now says Joe Biden should step aside. How long has Clooney been hiding Joe’s problems? Click Here for Story

Corporate Colluders

Censoring and silencing conservatives has become a priority of Big Corporations Click Here for Details

Not Protecting Children

BIden’s DHS is not protecting the children coming across the border Click Here for Story

French Fraud

French Elites rig the election and then prosecute the political opposition? Sounds familiar right? Click Here for Story

Democrats Don’t Believe in the Constitution

Senator Chuck Schumer on the wrong side of the Constitution again Click Here for Details

Neck Deep…

Health and Human Services is deeply involved in trying to silence whistleblowers Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday July 10, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Proof of Democrats Wanting Illegals to Vote

Biden Admin says it will veto the Save Act which requires proof of citizenship to vote Click Here for Story

The Democrat’s Assault on America

From legally charging the political opposition, to lying to Americans and for importing millions of illegals to vote in elections, the Democrats are destroying America from within Click Here for Story

Election Fraud Proof?

Thousands of duplicate ballots were counted in Georgia Click Here for Details

Its the Economy…

Republicans need to stick to the real issues and not focus on Biden? Click Here for Story

Who spent $13M on five state museums?

Legislature doesn’t name sponsors of grants in 2025 Michigan state budget

Team Obama Pushing for Biden Removal

Has the shadow government spoken? Ex-Obama aides are the loudest voices to remove Biden Click Here for Details

Remember the Alamo?

Will woke culture destroy another American historical legacy? Click Here for Details

The Green Scam Continues

Its getting more and more obvious that the climate agenda scam is just about enriching certain people and groups Click Here for Story

Biden’s Michigan Disaster?

will Biden help or hurt himself if he comes to Michigan? Click Here for Details

Where Does Slotkin Stand?

Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin is trying to ride the fence on Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Supporting the Save Act

Even Elon Musk knows that only American citizens should be voting in US elections Click Here for Details

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