Monday February 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com


ImagePOTUS does Daytona 500 Click Here for Details

Waiting for Durham

Is Durham investigation expanding? Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigration Can Hurt Everybody

Hispanic grandmother loses granddaughter to illegal immigrant criminal Click Here for Details and Video

Total Hypocrites

Democrats fear rule of law is crumbling under Trump after years of Democrat illegal activity and usurpation Click Here for Details

Biden’s Last Stand?

Can Joe Biden win South Carolina or is his came pain done? Click Here for Story

From the Front Line

Border Patrol wants the wall Click Here for Details

Siding With Americans

Trump and the GOP side with Americans not Illegals Click Here for Story

Is the Covid-19 Virus Engineered?

Report: Coronavirus Could Be A Bioweapon That Only Targets A Certain RaceWhat facts we do know are disturbing Click Here for Details

Democrats Not Living In Same World As the Rest of Us

Dem candidates want you to believe the economy is bad Click Here for Story

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Sunday February 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dooming Bloomberg

Image result for hillary and bloomberg Choosing Hillary for VP would doom the Bloomberg Presidential bid? Click Here for Details

Lost It?

Joe Biden snaps at another reporter Click Here for Story

It’s Never Enough: Government Beneficiaries Always Want More

Michigan budget goes up; groups receiving funds still complain

Americans Coming Home

Japan evacuates Americans from quarantined cruise ship Click Here for Details

Will We Find Out Soon?

Will the government finally fess up on UFOs? Click Here for Story

Hiding Information?

The epidemic has killed more than 1,500 people and infected some 66,000 across ChinaAs videos leak China looks to hide info on Covid-19 epidemic Click Here for Details

Bernie Wants to Keep Illegals in America

Sen. Bernie Sanders at the U.S.-Mexico border across from Tijuana, Mexico, May 21, 2016. (Guillermo Arias/AFP via Getty Images)Once again showing Democrats put Americans last Click Here for Story


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Friday February 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Playing Politics for the Election

Image result for pelosi Dem controlled House will revive ERA bill…because its an election year? Click Here for Details

Analyses Critical Of Michigan School Funding Ignore Almost 20% Of Detroit Operations Money

Reports disregard the revenue source that boosts funding for poor communities over wealthy ones


Image result for bernie and aoc Bernie Sanders and AOC want to stop fracking and drive your energy costs through the roof Click Here for Details

Governor’s Budget Proposal Revisits Pure Michigan, Other Industry Welfare

There is no need to raise corporate welfare spending

Self Cleaning

Image result for jessie liu us attorney Obama holdover  resigns from Treasury Department ? Click Here for Details

Coronavirus Origin?

The newly renamed Covid-19 virus might have a very different origin than thought Click Here for Story

US Military Preps Just in Case

The US is making plans to combat a possible pandemic Click Here for Details

Americans See Through the Media Lies

Poll shows Americans crediting POTUS for the good economy Click Here for Story

YouTube Censoring

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., responds to reporters at the Capitol after he threatened to reveal the name of the Ukraine whistleblower who helped initiate the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump by providing details of Trump's call with the Ukrainian president, in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott …YouTube censors Senator Rand Paul Speech Click Here for Story

Democrats Are the Money Players

How the Dem nomination is being bought? Click Here for Details

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Thursday February 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump Economy

Image result for trump smiling  Most Americans say they are better off now than 3 years ago Click Here for Story

Freedom of Speech?

Students sue Saline schools over punishment Click Here for Details

State Says Schools Must Provide Classroom Supplies

Michigan Constitution requires school districts to pay, not teachers

Virginia Continues Assault on 2nd Amendment

Gun related bans passing Click Here for Details

Taking Michigan’s Literacy Challenge Seriously

Tackling teacher prep, social promotion key to helping kids learn

House Dems Continue the Nonsense

Image result for adam schiff, pelosi and nadler House GOP members boycott more investigative abuse by Democrats Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Trying to Hide His Racist Comments?

Stopped video footage of Aspen event Click Here for Story

Anti-Semitism Is Strong with Dems

Jew thrown out of peace event after calling out Rep Rashida Tlaib’s anti-Semite comments Click Here for Details and Video

Data and Facts Beat Polls

Incumbent Trump numbers way ahead of previous Presidents in NH primary Click Here for Story

Say It Ain’t So Bilbo!

 Tolkein Trust is funding terrorism? Click Here for Story

Just Starting

Expert: Coronavirus Outbreak 'Just Beginning' Outside China Coronavirus is really just starting? Click Here for Details

Canadians Have given Up?

Displaying a deep pathology, most Canadians applaud a convicted murderer and Islamic terrorist whose family belongs to Al-QaedaStanding Ovation for an Islamic murderer is gravely disturbing trend for Canada’s survival Click Here for Story


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Wednesday February 12, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Sanders Takes New Hampshire

W arren and Biden take fourth and fifth Click Here for Story

Biden Gives Up on New Hampshire

Heads to South Carolina before polling closes? Click Here for Story

Disgusting Media Spin

Conservatives attacked by leftist thug and media blames the conservatives? Click Here for Details

‘Watch What They Do,’ Whitmer Says — And State Road Funding Down This Year

To be fair, governors propose and legislators dispose — and yet

Bloomberg’s Problem

Billionaire actually supported Stop and Frisk policy against minorities Click Here for Story and Video

Americans Feel Good About Economy

Doom and Gloom Democrats are out of touch with Americans Click Here for Details

IRS System Abused

(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)  IRS sent refunds where???? Click Here for Story

What Is the Truth?

Is China sealing people in their homes over the coronavirus? Click Here for Details


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Tuesday February 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Taking Out Terrorists

POTUS and Admin are making the right call on killing terrorists Click Here for Story

Michigan Union Membership Reached Historic Low In 2019

Right-to-work law accelerated an ongoing trend

How Michigan Regulates Child Care Shows How Ineffective Licensing Laws Are

Many have arbitrary standards and mandates

Democrats Just Wrong on Impeachment

Constitutional Lawyer tells how Democrats are not following the Constitution? Click Here for Details

Justice Dept Is Open…

Barr: Justice has 'open door' to receiving information on Ukraine from Giuliani AG Barr says the Justice Department would receive info from Ukraine Click Here for Story

Foot In Mouth Joe

Biden lashes out with crazy language towards townhall participant Click Here for Details and Video

Not Hiding It

Buttigieg says he will be the MOST progressive President in 50 years. Like thats a good thing? Click Here for Details

More Fake News

CNN falsely reporting on Trump personnel moves Click Here for Details


West Point now teaching our warriors about toxic masculinity? Click Here for Story

Peace Through Strength

Trump Admin successfully uses time tested negotiation to bring Russia to the table Click Here for Details


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Monday February 10, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Violent Left

View image on TwitterMan arrested for driving van through GOP Voter Registration Tent Click Here for Details

Weather Advisory for Michigan

Lower Michigan has another winter storm bearing down Click Here for Story

No Debt, No Tax Hike: Michigan Can Add $897 Million To Road Budget Right Now

Legislators and governor just have to say ‘yes’

Democrat Corruption

Doe Rudy Giuliani have the smoking gun for Dem corruption and money laundering  in Ukraine Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Gun Grabber

Image result for haley stevens Rep Haley Stevens endorses Mike Bloomberg Click Here for Story

New Hampshire Primary

Can Bernie pull out a win? Click Here for Details


Police in New York being targeted for assassination? Click Here for Story

Thailand Shooting

Soldier goes on rampage in Thailand mall Click Here for Details


Image result for pelosiPelosi calls great jobs report “rot”????    Click Here for Story

Ivy League Disgrace

Harvard calls Koran the best book on justice Click Here for Details

Butterfly Effect?

China's Implosion Will Force Russia To Move Towards Detente With The US China problems will push Russia toward detente with the US? Click Here for Details

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Sunday February 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The News YOU Need to Know

Dems Eye Their Own Billionaire for President

With a poor Democratic Presidential field the Democrats look for a deep pocket candidate Click Here for Story

Could the Left Be Waking Up?

Chris Matthews admits socialism doesn’t work? Click Here for Details and Video

Dem Debate Beats Up on…Bloomberg

Democrats at debate criticize the candidate who isn't there: Mike BloombergNot showing for debates leaves other candidates furious Click Here for Details

Great Lakes Water Levels Too High? Too Low? For 60 Years  Newspapers Answer: Yes 

Variation appears the norm

First American Death from Coronavirus

American in China dies from Novel virus Click Here for Details

Is China Not Telling Us the Truth?

Several officials pick up one man, who had been resisting their efforts, and carry him down the stairs in the disturbing video Mass arrests of people affected with Coronavirus Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Economy Rolling Into High Gear?

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images) Work force participation hits new high for Trump Admin Click Here for Details

Quarantine May Have Been Too Late?

Millions left Wuhan before quarantine was put in place Click Here for Details

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Saturday February 8, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Purge the Traitors

Image result for vindman  Vindman to be booted from NSC Click Here for Details

The Latest Dem Debate

Click Here for Details

Free Fishing in Michigan

Michigan has its free fishing weekend on schedule Click Here for Story

Schools Will Get No Relief From Construction Mandate, Whitmer Says

Governor vetoes bill that would have exempted schools from requirement to heat outdoor ticket booths

Ruh Roh

Investigation involving Bidens begins? Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Plagiarist?

Plagiarism seems to be part and parcel of Democrat campaigns? Click Here for Details

Michigan Can Spend its Fuel Taxes on Roads

Reprioritizing revenue to roads is better than taking on bonds

DNC Beginning War with Bernie?

Will this divide deepen ? Click Here for Story

Trump Economy Soaring

More jobs higher wages! Click Here for Details

Real or Rigged?

Image result for buttigiegIs polling being designed to push Buttigieg over Sanders  ? Click Here for Story

Another One Bites the Dust

Images of AQAP leader Qasim al-Rimi. (Photo by Yemeni Ministry of Interior/AFP via Getty Images) US confirms another dead Al Qaeda terrorist Click Here for Details

Winning Week Continues

Court sides with Trump over Emoluments suit Click Here for Story






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Friday February 7, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Comments on Acquittal

After Dem scampeachment ends what does the President have to say ? Click Here for Story

Greater Control

AG Barr wants full authorized sign off on campaign investigations Click Here for Details

Wayne County Took Thousands of Vehicles Without Filing Criminal Charges

Federal lawsuit filed against ‘unconstitutional’ civil asset forfeitures

More Winning!

90% of Americans Satisfied with Personal life? Click Here for Details

Iowa Tie?

Sanders and Buttigieg tied in Iowa Caucus race Click Here for Story

Unions Praise Governor’s Modest School Funding Hike, Rebuked GOP Predecessor’s Much Larger One

5.1% GOP increase got union ‘tsk tsks,’ a 2.3% Dem hike applauded

From the Science Side…

 Connecting the Human brain to a computer Click Here for Story

Doctor Dies of Corona Virus

The Chinese Doctor who warned of the Novel virus succumbs to the virus Click Here for Details

Romney’s Disgrace

Religion doesn’t explain Romney’s decision making Click Here for Story

Thanks Joe…

Al Qaeda refugee gets on the dole? Click Here for Details

More Winning

China working on trade deal to US Click Here for Story

Worst Case Scenario

A new Coronavirus tracker app, with data on infections, deaths, and survivalAI data model has bad prediction concerning the Novel virus Click Here for Details

Nancy’s Temper Tantrum

Speaker Pelosi should pay the price for her SOTU behavior Click Here for Story

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