The News YOU Need to Know Friday September 25, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Durham Investigation Broader Than Thought?

Justice inquiry into Hillary Clinton's business dealings languishes -  CNNPolitics

FBI handling of Clinton case also part of the investigation ? Click Here for Details

Candy Bad?

Man dies after eating too much licorice? Click Here for Story

Michigan Unions Back In Court To Keep State Employee Dues Flowing

2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling blocked dues withholding without employee consent and reapprovalRead more

Suing Kroger Over LGBTQ Face Masks?

Fired employees fight back against woke supermarket chain Click Here for Details

Fossil-Fuel Friendly Group Scores Many Michigan Congressional Democrats 0%

Republicans straggle between Amash and Walberg at 100% and Upton at 61% Read more

Proof Riots Are Organized

Louisville rioters get supplies and they’re caught on film Click Here for Story and Video

Come On Nancy

Vulnerable Democrats pressure Pelosi for Covid stimulus deal Click Here for Story

Michigan No. 14 In Closed Businesses Since March 1; Whitmer Declares Small Business Week

Read more

Pay Up Facebook?

Illinois residents may get damages from Facebook Click Here for Story

Unjust Rioting?

Breonna Taylor case does not warrant the reaction? Click Here for Details

Anti-Semite Hypocrite

House Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.)  (Getty Images)

Rep Rashida Tlaib shows her anti-Semitism again Click Here for Story

Mail In Voter Fraud Found

Absentee ballot election workers stuff ballot applications at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections office in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 4, 2020. - The US election is officially open: North Carolina on September 4, 2020 launched vote-by-mail operations for the November 3 contest between President Donald Trump and Joe …

US Military ballots for Trump found in the garbage Click Here for Details

Riots Go Ultra Violent

2 Louisville officers shot by rioter Click Here for Story

Democrats ARE the Fascists

Their agenda and platforms are pushing the US to an authoritarian regime Click Here for Story

China Local Meddling

China is peddling Chinese propaganda at the state and local level in the US Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday September 24, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Oh No for Joe

Senate Intel release scathing report on Biden and questionable dealings while VP Click Here for Story

Pelosi Hates Us

Speaker bashes Catholic Trump supporter Click Here for Details

All In for Mushrooms?

Ann Arbor City Council decriminalizes psychedelic Mushrooms Click Here for Story

Michigan Coronavirus Deaths Down Dramatically

Read more

Power Play: State Levies Legally Dubious Virus Rule Fines On Business

Read more

Liberal Stupidity

Seattle City Council wants to defund police but finance pimp as a “Street Czar”? Click Here for Details

Dying Wishes Aren’t Part of the Constitution

Senator Cruz has issue with language in Senate resolution Click Here for Story

Strange Bedfellows?

Brett Kavanaugh hearings: his views on guns and the 2nd Amendment,  explained - Vox

Could SCOTUS Judge Kavanaugh now be the lefts best hope for moderation? Click Here for Details

Fighting Human Trafficking

DOJ approves $101 million to fight human slave trade Click Here for Story

Why You Should Vote Right

Democrats and liberals are threatening to destroy the Republic if they don’t get their way Click Here for Story

Wray is Wrong?

Rep Crenshaw hits back at FBI Director Click Here for Story

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Conservative News Wednesday September 23, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why Are Democrats Holding Stimulus Hostage?

Playing politics with the Covid stimulus package is disturbing Click Here for Details

Those Who Do Not Learn from History…

Years of bad economic development deals haven’t prevented politicians from trying againRead more

Senate Has the Votes

Official: Pentagon has started 'prudent planning' for full Afghanistan withdrawal by May

Senator Mitt Romney says he will support the SCOTUS confirmation? Click Here for Story

State Uses Unrelated Law To Extract More From Businesses Breaking Pandemic Rules

Read more

Whoa Nancy What?

Biden Not the Only Dem Who Answers Questions with Tele Prompter

Vote Fraudsters Beware

Voter fraud will be a felony in Michigan? Click Here for Story

Finally Out of Afghanistan?

Pentagon is working on final withdrawal of troops Click Here for Details

No Court Packing

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) (Photo by GREG NASH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Congressman looks to stop court packing at the SCOTUS level Click Here for Details

Seditious Media

Is the liberal media promoting sedition and violence? Click Here for Story

China Should Pay

POTUS tells UN that China should be held accountable for Covid Click Here for Details

FakeNews ABC

Townhall for independent voters was no such thing Click Here for Story

Dems Push Radicalism

AOC and other Democrats urging bad behavior? Click Here for Details

BLM Violence

Pointing guns at drivers during protests Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday September 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Anarchist Jurisdictions

Police Respond To Continued Protests In Portland

Cities allowing violent riots get new designation from Justice Dept Click Here for Story

What Ruth Said…

RBG Backed Election-Year Appointments

Forget the alleged last wish of Justice Ginsburg listen to what she said about the Democrats packing the Supreme Court
Click Here for Details and Here for More Ginsburg Quotes


Liberals targeting and threatening GOP Senators over SCOTUS issue Click Here for Story

Doxxing That Causes Harm Becomes 10-Year Felony Under Michigan House Bill

Posting private or identifying information about an individual with malicious intent

From the Science Side…

First Ever Preserved Grown Up Cave Bear - Even Its Nose Is Intact - Unearthed On Siberian Arctic Island

39,000 year old perfectly preserved bear found in Siberia Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Nominee by the Weekend?

POTUS says he may name a nominee by Friday or Saturday of this week Click Here for Details

China Threats

Chinese video shows simulated attack on US? Click Here for Details

Yes, POTUS and Senate Have the Right to Appoint A Justice

Constitutionally speaking its a right and possibly a duty to fill the vacancy Click Here for Story

The Enemy Within

CHina is seeking to co-opt US institutions for their benefit Click Here for Details

The Lagoa Option

SCOTUS Showdown: A Case for Nominating Barbara Lagoa

Another great candidate for Trump’s nominee is Barbara Lagoa Click Here for Details

Pelosi Threats

Democrats threaten impeachment of POTUS for doing his Constitutional duty? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday September 21, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Minnesota Blues

Dems nervous about Minnesota supporting Biden Click Here for Details

Threats: Its What Democrats Do

Now Democrats are making threats if RGB is replaced before election Click Here for Details

RINOs Won’t Support

GOP controlled Senate may not have the votes needed to confirm Click Here for Details

Tax Question

Illinois will decide on radical tax change policy Click Here for Details

Abortion Was Never a Constitutional Right

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The truth about RBG’s voting record Click Here for Story

Germany’s New Migrant Issue

With their culture on the ropes Germans fear more migrant influx Click Here for Story

Iran Sanctions

secretary of state mike pompeo

Iran back on full sanctions by US Click Here for Details

POTUS Promises a Woman Pick for SCOTUS

President says his nominee to replace RBG will be a woman Click Here for Details

Freaking Out

Democrats everywhere are over-reacting to the RBG issue Click Here for Story’

Oracle and Tik Tok?

Trump Admin would ok a deal between Tik Tok, Oracle and Walmart? Click Here for Details

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Conservative News Sunday September 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

To Appoint or Not to Appoint?

Upcoming election could be a Supreme Court Issue Click Here for Details

Who Controls Fox?

Soros does have big influence at Fox News Click Here for Story

Law’s ‘Immediate Danger’ Justifies Ongoing Emergency, But Not Cancelling Casinos Or Football

Democrats and Pelosi Protecting China

Why Are Democrats putting China over America? Click Here for Details

Stopping Whitmer

Petition drive surpasses necessary signatures? Click Here for Details

Why the SCOTUS Seat Must be Filled

Ted Cruz explains Click Here for Details

Weak Joe

Joe Biden is sick and has dementia. On The View & coughing into his hand on  Jake Tapper's CNN show - YouTube

Biden takes a day off at unusual time Click Here for story

Mitch Says There Will be A Vote

But does he have enough votes for confirmation ? Click Here for Details

The Nominee List

Who could fill Ginsburg’s seat? Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Pack The SCOTUS?

IF they win in November they wil make the Supreme Court forever Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday September 19, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Justice Ginsburg Dies

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at 87 years of age Click Here for Story

The Block of Tik Tok?

Trump Admin will begin blocking downloads on Sunday? Click Here for Details

Being PC Can Get You in Trouble?

President of Princeton University says racism is embedded in his institution and now they’re being investigated? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Big Ten Campuses Deemed High Risk For COVID-19 Yet Football Continues

Read more

Investigating Antifa

FBI Director confirms the violent group is under investigation Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Football Flip-Flops Look Like Politics Not ‘Science’

Initially against it, governor reversed course after presidential politics entered the mixRead more

Early Voting Begins

Early voting begins in Minnesota, other states ahead of November election

Minnesota has now started their early voting process Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Coffee beats cancer? Click Here for Story

Phony Joe

Democrat Joe Biden has joined several CNN town halls moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Has a jobs plan…but no details Click Here for Details

The Dark Side

Left wing dark money is swaying the election? Click Here for Story

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Dana Perino Asks Woodward: Why Not Come Forward Sooner if You Were Concerned About Trump's COVID Take?

Bob Woodward is the consummate TDS sufferer Click Here for Story


Covid coverup gets explosive Click Here for Video and story

Quotes from Dementia Joe

They aren’t just gaffes anymore Click Here for Details

The Russia EU Wedge

Poisoning of political opponent puts a strain on Russia EU relations Click Here for Story

The Set Up…

Democrats looking for UN interference in US election? Click Here for Story

Horrific Indeed

Fox News protection of George Soros is disturbing Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday September 18, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Corrupt Mueller Team

Why was there a mass wiping of the Mueller probe teams mobile phones? Click Here for Story

Full On Left

Joe Biden is now even farther left than Obama Click Here for Story

Arm Yourself

Armed citizen detains suspect in Meijer stabbing death Click Here for Details

Recipe For School Budget Trouble: Enrollment Down, Teaching Staff Up, Pension Expense Rising

Bay City officials use the old ‘state funding cuts’ excuse — but their funding went up, not down


Nashville Officials withheld information about LOW Covid cases Click Here for Story

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

And Democrats aren’t happy about it Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Anti-Semites

70% of House Dems vote AGAINST an Anti-Semitism measure Click Here for Details

Fox Under Fire

Hungarian-born US investor and philanthropist George Soros talks to the audience after receiving the Schumpeter Award 2019 in Vienna, Austria on June 21, 2019. (Photo by GEORG HOCHMUTH / APA / AFP) / Austria OUT (Photo credit should read GEORG HOCHMUTH/AFP/Getty Images)

Network is cutting off discussion of George Soros funding election interference and riots Click Here for Details

Dictator in Waiting

Biden says he could have authority to force masks on people Click Here for Details


Someone fact checks a Biden speech? Click Here for Story

Liberals Assault Children Again

Children at a Trump rally have eggs thrown at them Click Here for Story and Video

Countering the Liberal Lies

New activist group seeks to fight against the lies of the 1619 project Click Here for Story

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Conservative News Thursday September 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Minneapolis Idiocracy

Minneapolis city council votes to defund police then complain police aren’t doing enough to stop crime?? Click Here for Details

Fox News Protects George Soros ?

Newt Gingrich tries to talk about George Soros affectin State Attorney Generals not charging criminals and gets shut down by Fox News members Click Here for Details

Snowflake Union

When healthy student teachers are too pathetic to work Click Here for Story

Recipe For School Budget Trouble: Enrollment Down, Teaching Staff Up, Pension Expense Rising

Bay City officials use the old ‘state funding cuts’ excuse — but their funding went up, not down

Propaganda U

Professor telling students to NOT vote for Trump Click Here for Details

State Takes On First $800 Million In New Road Repair Debt

First installment on $3.5 billion of ‘bonding’ will cost taxpayers $565 million in interestRead more

Big Ten Football Is Back?

Will the conference start the football season? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Doctors prepare to implant first bionic eye? Click Here for Story

One Party Country

A Democrat win in November will mean the end of two party system Click Here for Details

What Peaceful Protests?

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 31: Demonstrators set a fire during a protest near the White House on May 31, 2020 in Washington, DC. Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested for Floyd's death and is accused of kneeling on Floyd's neck as he pleaded with him about not being able …

Despite Democrats and MEdia claiming protests are peaceful look at the costs of the riots Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday September 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Big Step for Peace in Middle East

Trump Admin gets peace deal signed between UAE, Bahrain and Israel Click Here for Details

As It Should…

CIA Director worried that Durham investigation into wrongdoing by some CIA staff would be a nightmare for the agency Click Here for Story

COVID-19 Hospitalization Cases Now 2,100 Less Than On April 30

Read more

Lockdowns Were Unnecessary?

Sweden’s results without lockdown speaks for itself Click Here for Details

Official Michigan Regional Virus Risk Map Out Of Date 

‘Map colors reflect official risk levels…’ – not anymore Read more

Senate Anti-Trust Hearing…

For Google? Click Here for Details

District Alleges Teacher Shortage, Fires Pro-Trump Teacher Over ‘Liberals Suck’ Tweet

Teacher was twice rated ‘highly effective’ by district Read more

The Democrat’s Real Candidate

Kamala Harris talks about her Harris Administration? Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh Joe

FBI raids Biden Campaign surrogate over sex with minor allegation Click Here for Story

Same Old Dems

Biden calls for gun control after Sheriff deputies shot by criminal Click Here for Story

America’s Biggest Threat?

Democrats Are Trying To Threaten Their Way Into Power

The left and Dmeocrats are the biggest threat to America Click Here for Details

Targeting Republicans?

Aide to GOP candidate opposing Ilhan Omar is murdered Click Here for Story

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